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There are so many “gurus” out there today that finding the right person to trust and learn from has become more work than our actual development. We want to experience a true spiritual awakening, enhanced self-awarness, an expansion of consciousness, and an uplifted spiritual journey. I know because I walked a very similar path. It wasn’t until I learned that the answers to achieving a self-actualizing growth experience were within me all along that I made any progress. 

I work to help you reach that same profound moment of awakening. Where your meditation practice, your spiritual connection, and your daily experience are all elevated. 

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About Ian Sneed

The biggest problem in today’s world is that the human Ego has gained control of the areas of our lives that have the greatest impact. The best solution here is to get Ego under control by reconnecting with our Higher-Selves, our Souls, to such a degree that our mere presence will create a positive shift in this world.

Ian’s mission in life is to help as many people evolve and connect to their Higher-Self, learn to follow their intuition, and provide them with the resources that allow them to enjoy the prosperity that follows performing their life’s work. Having gone through this transformation himself, he helps guide and nurture an individuals growth with experience and compassion. But don’t let this little snippet be all you learn about Ian. There’s a lot more to the story… Tell Me More

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