I don’t want you to suffer through what I have. I didn’t know what I’m about to share with you until it was too late. I thought embracing my spiritual journey would lead to something akin to rainbows and unicorns. I wish this article had existed before I jumped in feet first because it would have saved me from a lot of suffering.

The great news is you’re here now. I’ve been through the crap and am sharing this so you don’t have to experience what I did. You deserve to have an experience a lot closer to rainbows and unicorns. That’s one of the few reasons I’m grateful that I dealt with these unexpected backfires.

Read the tips, the suggestions, and the experiences below and know that applying them will help you prevent unnecessary suffering.

Here are three ways walking the spiritual path can backfire and how to prevent them from happening to you:

1.) You become a target

Wait, what? I didn’t expect this one either. I thought embracing a spiritual path would lead to some sort of support right? Like, I’m doing something that people know is difficult and you see people Like Ghandi and Mother Teresa being praised and cheered for their actions. You’d almost expect to get similar treatment; even if it’s to a lesser degree. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all!

People living in the dark won’t like your spiritual light

See, when you begin to embrace being the magnificent being from within, you start to shine your light. You just happen to be shining your light onto the things that other people are trying to hide from themselves (and the world). Our ego has done some pretty impressive work hiding from us things that might hurt to face. This includes self-deficiencies, or areas we don’t want to address, no matter how badly we need to face them.

These people’s egos will lash out at you when you start inadvertently shining your light onto those areas . Sometimes they’ll come in the form of “advice” and other times it’ll just be vile. Some may have the courage to say things to your face but many will do things behind your back. It’s a crappy truth but, it happens. Often times it happens from people we held very dear and would never expect to reject our new life.

Some comfort in this fact is that many times, these people don’t know that what they’re doing is snuffing out your light. It’s their egos trying to protect them.

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.

  • Mahatma Ghandi

Keep awareness of people’s energy

Preventing this backfire from happening to you is difficult. I can advise you to walk on eggshells around people but that’d be horrible advice. There’s three things I’d advise for anyone who wants to prevent this from happening to them.

Feel out their intentions

Wherever you are on your path, you must stay aware of the intentions people have for themselves and their lives. You have to recognize that those intentions may not align with your new ones. If that’s the case, you’ll want to follow the second suggestion in this list.

You want to feel out people’s intentions as they engage with you. People’s interactions with you will tell you everything you need to know. You can hear it in their tone, see it in their actions, feel it in their words and presence. There are many ways you can feel out people’s intentions and you want to feel them out sooner rather than later.

I’ve dealt with some very shady people. Shady, cuz I shine so bright they can barely call their darkness anything other than shade.

Spiritual light like a diamond

Shine bright like a diamond! No? Okay.

I’ve dealt with shady people because they were able to hide their intentions from me. I never expected them to react the way they did to my growth and I put my guard down. Long story short, it took me years to overcome this misstep. I hope you read this and prevent something similar from happening to you.

Keep the right distance

If you can tell someone’s intentions aren’t going to align with yours, it’s smart to keep the right distance. This could mean reducing your communication with them. Maybe you don’t see them as much. Maybe you only engage with them on social media. Hell, maybe you block them from your life completely!

You have to gauge what the right distance is. I’ve done all of the above and more. You have to decide what’s going to serve you best and do it! Keep the wrong people the right distance away.

Protect your energy

This can be done through prayer, through intentions, through keeping the right crystals on you. There are many ways you can protect your energy. What’s most important is making sure you maintain the right energy using the right spiritual practices. This could be meditation, chanting, art, etc. You’ll get a few more tips that align with this in the next section.

2.) Energy has a stronger impact on you

At first this sounds awesome. Energy having a stronger impact on you means you’ll be able to feel and flow to a degree many people will never understand.

Spiritual energy; The good and the bad

While that’s true, and it’s definitely good to be able to feel manifestations in progress, there are other less enjoyable experiences as well.

The bad is no joke. I used to laugh at people who would talk about retrogrades like it had an impact on their life. Psh.. ok! Because a star or planet in the sky looks like it’s spinning backwards I’m gonna have a bad day? My ass.

Man do I regret thinking that way. Retrogrades suck!

Retrograde energy, full moon, new moon, and any other energy you can imagine including the dude sulking in the corner at a party because he’s depressed. I feel all of it in a way that is not fun. So I had to learn to protect, deflect, and remove these energies.

Float Tanks/ Salt Baths

This is a simple act you can do that I swear is one of the greatest ways to remove energy that may be impacting you.

I’ll always pay for a float tank session first but if I can’t fit it into my schedule; salt baths it is! Most people know float tanks because Joe Rogan (who is a major badass in my book) talks about the benefits they have on your psyche. I fully support that! I also know that the salt used in those tanks is healing and helps remove energy that might be messing with you.

Salt baths are the same but to a smaller degree. Where you may spend up to two hours in a float tank and fall into a meditative state and have all sorts of psychedelic experiences (something I haven’t experienced), in a salt bath you’re just releasing the energy.

One time I relaxed during a salt bath and felt so much energy release that I almost had a panic attack. I didn’t understand why at the time but if you’ve been holding onto energy for a long time, you might feel something similar.

Just remember to breathe and ask your Angels and Guides to make the experience more enjoyable. You’ll be just fine.

Environmental Energy Clearings

Here I would like to specify your home, your personal room, your business, and your car.

Take some Palo Sant wood if possible, or some Sage if you have no other options, and light that bitch up.

Walk around your space and set the intention that “only energies and entities that are here for my greatest and highest good are welcome. All other energies and entities are not welcome and must leave immediately.” That’s what I say and you’re welcome to use it or adjust it however you see fit.

Keep your awareness about you

You have to pay very close attention to how you feel on a daily basis. Your awareness should focus on your emotional state and anything that impacts it. That means good or bad.

Begin eliminating or changing the things that make you feel bad and start embracing the things that feel good. Sometimes that might be walking barefoot in grass. Other times it could be watching an episode of your favorite show.

(Sometimes its drinking! Yay wine and beer!)

Your emotional state is what’s most important and the easiest gauge of whether there is energy around you having an impact or not.

happiness and spirituality go together

3.) Loneliness reveals its ugly face

Less people will understand your spiritual journey

As mentioned above, you’ll notice people trying to prevent you from continuing down your chosen path. They don’t understand what you’re doing because they’ve been trained to think a certain way. They’re not monsters because they don’t understand.

If you let these people leave your life but don’t take action to bring in more positive influences, you’ll find loneliness as your companion. That’s not always the most fun experience so here’s the tips to prevent that.

Put yourself out there

Find places where similar people might be. Some suggestions:

  • local meet-up groups
  • yoga studios
  • book stores
  • farmer’s markets
  • personal development seminars
  • spiritual retreats

Be willing to share your spiritual experiences

Putting yourself out there physically is the first step but putting your experiences out there is the next step.

The right people will find you if you’re willing to share your experiences. This is, of course, after you’ve distanced yourself from people who aren’t aligned with your new growth (as suggested in the first major point of this post).

By doing this, you’ll connect with other people who are experiencing the same or have gone through it and have some wonderful tips for you. That first hand experience always helps.

Learn to enjoy your self as a spiritual practice

Loneliness comes from not being comfortable when you are alone. You feel you need someone else’s energy present and when it’s not, you feel lonely. While the suggestions above help curtail that, this tip is the key.

I love being by myself as much as I love being with other people. I prefer company but know I can entertain myself just fine. There comes a point where you love who you are so much that you share who that is whether people are present or not.

Just a few days ago I found myself dancing to Big Band Swing Jazz while my cousin and his friend worked on a car. If they hadn’t been there, it would have been the exact same scenario because I learned to enjoy myself.

This takes practice for a lot of people but once you get there life is so much more fun!

enjoying and loving yourself is a spiritual practice

Connect with Me

That third tip, it doesn’t mean you have to engage with people in-person all the time. A lot of my closest relationships live all over the world. Texas, Malta, Columbia, Canada, London – I’m in California. I maintain my relationship with them through social media, texting, and engaging with them whenever I can.

So if you’re looking for someone to engage with while you walk your path and don’t know where to start, engage with me. Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook – feel free to reach out to me and tell me how you like this tips and where you are in your journey. I look forward to chatting with you!

Southern California, USA