I honestly wish I was taught this stuff growing up. Imagine how much better our lives could be if we were rocking this since the age of 7?! We’d be chummin’ it up with royalty by this point in our lives! The bad news, we didn’t get to learn this when we were 7. The good news, we’re learning this today and it can totally change our lives. Here’s 5 secret truths of living in an energetic world that everyone ought to know.

1.) It’s All Energy

This truth is getting out and it’s release is being ramped up because science is starting to realize it and they’re spreading the word. At what point did we decide that we can only trust what we can measure and see? I think that’s putting us back just as much as the dark ages did. But that’s beside the point!

The point is, even if you’ve heard something like this before, you probably missed the scope of it. I know I missed it’s true meaning when I learned it.

You are energy

I’m going to break it down a little more.

You can feel when you have good energy or low energy. It determines what time you go get your coffee or green tea, right?

We also know your cells have energy. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell! 7th grade biology anyone? No? Fuck it.. Your cells have energy too. But beyond that, your eternal soul is created of energy. Not just any energy either. Every single thing in existence was created by a spark of divinity.

A spark of source energy was used to create your soul. Your soul grew from that spark and continues to grow by incarnating into the lives you experience.

Your entire being is energy in this energetic world

This is absolutely an energetic world

The energetic world you interact with is created from that divine source also. So everything you interact with is a form of energy.

You see tea as providing energy but forget the chair you might be sitting on is also energy. The phone you’re probably reading this from is energy. It’s also using energy so you can read this off the internet which is also a form of energy.

Flushing a toilet leads to watching gravity in action which is just energy flowing in a different way. Pun intended.

From your car, to your phone, to the chair you sit on at work, to the hairspray you use to make your up-do oh-so fabulous; this is an energetic world manifested in different forms. But right now, we’re still only scratching the surface because we’re talking about energy you can consciously interact with. There’s more than that.

2.) There’s more non-visible than visible

Back to the science thing – Only accepting that which we can measure is kind of ridiculous. This is the exact same train of thought religions used to defend their beliefs. They had less of an ability to measure the world at large so their explanations of things were less palatable than what we have today.

Then science came though and said, “hey wait, let’s expand what we can measure and use this slightly expanded view as truth!” and everyone went, “yay!” and now we have people who will disregard anything that doesn’t come out of a biased system that’s supposed to be “peer-reviewed.”

You can’t experience it all

Given that scientists can only expand what they can measure at the rate they expand their consciousness, it’s going to take a while for them to catch up. It’s why Carl Sagan is BAE. Carl Sagan understands the energetic world

He expanded his consciousness like a boss. And no, expanding consciousness is not the same as expanding ‘knowledge.’ So the best thing we can do for science is expand our consciousness.

Expanding your consciousness leads to experiencing so much more. Despite that, there is so much to experience (we live in an infinitely expanding universe) that experiencing it all would be a failed endeavor.

That’s good because it means you’ll never have the opportunity to be bored. If you get bored in life, you need to recognize this truth: you can’t have experienced it all yet because there’s no way to experience it all!

I thought I was badass at some point because I was learning all this spiritual stuff. Then someone decided to knock my ego down a few pegs showing me just how much there is to learn in this world. Don’t get me wrong, I still think I’m a badass. I just know I’m an ever-learning badass. I guess, I’m kind of a humble badass. That sounds right.

You can totally experience more of the non-visible

That’s right, you can learn and expand your abilities to see. You’re sight and hearing are both senses and skills. Some people have no singing abilities because they can’t hear the note they’re singing. When they learn to hear themselves they can make adjustments to hit the note the right way. Why wouldn’t you be able to apply this skill growing concept to other senses? You can.

I still have a lot of room for growth in this area but let me tell you where I was, and where I am, so you can see some of what’s possible.

When I began, my expansion of consciousness, I thought I was special because I could recognize more colors than the average guy. Clearly, I was not the spiritual type at this point.

Today, I can see higher dimensional beings, Angels, Guides, chakras (if I can maintain the right focus), a person’s energy/energetic state, and the potential/spiritual energy that surrounds us on a consistent basis.

That last one is really cool. If you’ve ever seen ash floating in the air, this potential energy looks like that but it’s always these little lights – kind of like lighting bugs – floating around everything.

When I’m having a rough day I sit there and look at all the potential energy around us and remember that we have the power to shift into better experiences because this energy is all potential.

3.) We can control the flow

Speaking of shifting into better experiences, we can control the flow of energy. Knowing this is exciting. Doing this is fun.

This falls into the category of deliberate creation. When people talk about using the Law of Attraction, they’re talking about deliberately creating their experience in life by controlling the flow of energy.

You want to make more money at your job? Learn this skill.

You want to travel the world and not have to worry about money? Learn this skill.

You want to get a new president in the White House? Either wait until the next election or learn this skill. I’m dead serious, you can learn how to control energy on a large scale by controlling your personal energetic state.

Healing modalities like Reiki and Chakra work fall into this category for me. I can see the argument that it’s more focused but if you’re channeling energy through your body from elsewhere, that’s controlling the flow in a big way.

4.) Energy lives on a spectrum

When you think of the visible light spectrum you think of everything that is visible on a rainbow. Light is just one small part of the energetic spectrum. We know this because there are x-rays, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, etc.

All of that supports the argument that there is more non-visible energy than there is visible energy but it’s also clear that there is a spectrum of energy which people record in hertz. That means they record it’s vibration.

So when someone comes with bad vibes, where does that live on the spectrum? When someone comes with good vibes, where does that live on the spectrum of energy?

When your recognize this truth, and the one above, you’ll recognize that people can send you good and bad juju. At the same time, you can send out and protect yourself with good energy. And this actually leads us to the next point:

5.) You must protect your own energy

What does this equation give you?

The universe is energy + The energy existing as a spectrum + People can channel the energy = ???

The Answer: A recipe for miracles or disaster.

Someone that dislikes you, or is envious/jealous of you, can channel lower vibrational energy towards you. Ain’t no one got time for that!

It becomes increasingly important that you protect your energy!

We talked about how walking a spiritual path can backfire on you and if you’re not protecting your energy, given these 5 truths, then you’re setting yourself up for a bad time.

Here’s a quick list of things you can do to your energy or remove unwanted energy.

  • Salt baths
  • Float tanks
  • Meditation
  • Smudging (using palo santo or sage to clear energy)
  • Lighting incense after smudging (lavender is always a great option)
  • Walking barefoot in nature
  • Laughing
  • Smilling

Doing those activities or the activities that lead to those situations is a powerful way to protect your energy.

And now you know

These truths are getting out. The mass population doesn’t know about the effectiveness of accepting and acting on this information. You may have heard it before (which tells me you’re a step ahead of the curve) or you may be hearing it for the first time (welcome to team “Make the world a better place”).

Some of this information you need only be aware of. Other parts you should consider taking action on. It’s up to you to determine what parts best serve you!

Now let me know what you think! Reach out to me on social media and tell me which of these points you think is most important to remember. You can find my social media handles here.

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