The world is energy, we’ve covered that. And while energy can affect you, emitting our own frequency will help you change the world around you instead of the other way around.

If you don’t know how to emit your own frequency, here’s some tips!

Meditate To Solidify Your Frequency

Your frequency is emitted from within you. Meditation is the practice of going within. By doing this you connect to the source of that energy: Your Soul, Your Higher-Self, or whatever else you want to call it.

The more you connect to your Soul, the more that energy comes through you and you naturally emit your own frequency. If there’s nothing else you take from this article, take this tip.

There are more ways to meditate than traditional mindfulness meditation.

  • Walking
  • Writing
  • Chanting
  • Breathing
  • Visualization
  • Coloring
  • Guided

There’s certainly a lot you can research on meditation to find the style that works best for you. Once you find it, get comfortable with it, and then expand to other styles. Staying comfortable doesn’t lead to growth and growth is part of emitting your own frequency.

Create Boundaries

Holy Hindu cow, this one is so important! You MUST create boundaries. You have to draw lines in the sand and say “this is ok, this is not.” Otherwise you will get trampled. As you begin emitting your own frequency other energies will be impacting you. In fact, without these boundaries it’s easy to get wrecked and not in a good way.

Stephen Colbert wants you to emit your own frequency

The other side of this coin is action. You create boundaries to stop other energy/people from messing with you. You also take action that leads to more joyous experiences. Do the things that interest you, or excite you. For example, I play on learning to rock climb. It seems so interesting!

I also love dancing so I’ll dance to music when I hear something I like. Being able to dance just to feel good feels so good!

Writing these blogs also makes me feel good. They used to be something I dreaded. But now I think, “this can help someone.” And that thought excites me. This leads to me enjoying the process and helps me emit my own frequency.

I had to stop just a minute ago because I was dancing to “Little Bitty Pretty One” by Thurston Harris. Don’t know it? Go find that song and treat yourself.


let your frequency shine through your smile

It sounds silly I know. Just smile? Sometimes, yeah. But what I really mean here is live your life from a space that leads to you experiencing more joy.

I don’t mean go out clubbing. That’s not joy.

I mean play with babies. That’s freaking joy.

Joy isn’t something that gives your ego the immediate gratification it desires. Joy comes from activities that keep you smiling long after you finish that activity. Playing with my baby nephew is an example of this. This little bugger is crazy. Immediate gratification was all the binge drinking I did in college… and the few years that followed. That’s not the same as playing with my awesome-ass nephew.

The dancing I mentioned above, that makes me smile too! Watching certain movies also makes me crack-up which I totally appreciate. So I know where to turn when I need a good laugh! It’s a great energy shifter.

Learning to shift this energy, and to maintain it, keeps you emitting your own vibe in such an effortless manner.

Connect with other high frequency people

You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. That’s something that’s been repeated for I don’t know how long. It’s true though.

It’s why the wealthy are always seen with the wealthy. The artists are with other artists or creatives. Strippers are always at strip clubs. That last one may not be the best example…

You’re in the process of exploring and finding the frequency you want to emit. So go around other people who are already emitting their own frequency!

Note, I do not mean hire a coach – that’s totally different. If you’re thinking, “Well, you’re emitting your own frequency, if I hire you as a coach you can coach me to do it, right?” And part of me sees that logic and knows it’s true but no.

What you want to do is develop friendships with other high vibe people. You can always hire a coach to help get you to wherever you want to be in life. So instead, take in all the free content I put out in the world. That’s more effective for this purpose than hiring me or another, similar coach.

Join a new yoga studio. Join a meet-up group. Go out and connect with new high-vibe people.

Change your view on life to something magical

emitting your own frequency is magical

You want to view life as though it’s magical, not burdensome. It’s funny, as I type this I can hear my Angels telling me I better be practicing what I preach.

Life can get rough, I totally get that. But those rough patches are part of the blessings in life that we can usually only see in retrospect. Remember that relationship where you thought you were definitely with the one only to be glad years later that it ended?

Even the hard experiences are blessings and that literally makes everything magical. It’s like alchemy, taking one thing and transforming it into something else entirely.

The easiest and fastest way to make this happen is to fall in love with life. It sounds silly and probably similar to what other “gurus” have said in the past. I’m not talking about some BS, make yourself feel better for a few moments technique.

I literally mean fall in love with life. Look at everything through the eyes of unconditional love.

Think of someone you love unconditionally. Someone whose flaws you know intimately and yet you still love the crap out of them. You might get into fights, argue, yell at each other, and yet be totally fine moments later. If in the middle of a fight something happened to them you have no doubt you’d be there to help them.

That’s unconditional love and that’s how you want to view the world. Sounds easy right? Right…

The unconditional love challenge that helps you emit your own frequency

That asshole that cut you off in traffic? View them through the eyes of unconditional love. I bet just that example shows you the challenge of this tip. It’s a skill you develop that becomes a part of who you are.

Start with easy things, like sunsets and puppies. And then move onto the random barista at your favorite coffee shop. And then the coffee itself (you probably already love the coffee unconditionally). Love the cup that holds the coffee. The chair you’re sitting on.

Look back on your experiences in life, the good and the bad. Love them the same way you just loved that coffee.

Look at your exes, and love them through those eyes.

Begin expanding your rosy love-driven world view and you’ll see that life becomes magical.

See, the more loving you view the world, the more magic there is in the world. The less love you view the world with, the less magic there is. Love is literally magic.

Put it all together

Imagine being that person:

The person who meditates and can connect and channel their soul’s essence without trying.

The person who has boundaries and says no to the things that they don’t want to experience.

The person who says yes and takes action on all the things that excites them.

The person who is always smiling, laughing, and creating memories with people just as happy as them.

The person who can look at the world in chaos and see the beauty within it all.

Imagine that person’s daily life. That can quite literally be your daily experience too. It doesn’t happen overnight though. Keep that imagine in your mind, enjoy the process of becoming. Remember that tomorrow might not look like that, but then again, it might.

Start by creating clarity

What style of meditation are you going to try first? How long are you going to try it before you try a different style?

What are your boundaries? What will you say “no” to? What will you stop someone from doing when they’re around you? For example, you don’t complain around me. I stop people from complaining around me as soon as I hear it. Or talking about less than perfect health. Quit that shit. I don’t want to hear it. If the person doesn’t want to stop I will walk away. Sometimes I’m nice about it, sometimes I’m not.

How are you going to handle when someone crosses one of those boundaries? How many times will you tell them before you begin to distance yourself from them?

What are you going to say “yes” to? What action are you going to take that makes you smile or laugh or feel joyful?

Where are you going to look for a high-vibe community to engage with? Is it virtual? Is it in person? Are you going to a meet-up soon?

How are you going to remind yourself to look at life with eyes of unconditional love?

It all begins right now

Those are not rhetorical questions. Get out a pen and paper and answer those questions. Brainstorm more questions. Dig into how you’re going to start emitting your own frequency like a boss. Make yourself a manifesto! Start taking action on this right now and let me know what steps you plan on taking. You can tweet me, comment or message me on Instagram, message me on Facebook. I’d love to know exactly what you’re going to do so I can cheer you on! You can find links to my social media here.

Southern California, USA