Let’s be real here. Spiritual growth is a life-long endeavor. You don’t have a choice about that because your life is like the blackbox to a plane. Everything is recorded and your Soul will benefit from all of it. The good, the bad, the ugly. So don’t stress about making your spiritual path a priority but also, do what it takes to get the most out of it. Just because something should be your highest priority doesn’t mean you need to stress about it.

As I focused on getting the most out of my spiritual path I learned this fact:

Your energy impacts everything and everyone you interact with. Everything. EVERYTHING. I don’t like repeating myself but seriously, everything.

Okay, I know there’s a post on my site floating around telling you how to use your energy to make more money with ease. So there’s the first thing your energy impacts. And I started to get into how attractive having that good energy is. It got me thinking,

“Do people know it impacts everything in their life? Do they know the degree to which it does? How many questions can I ask myself before I sound like a philosopher? Do I need a white beard for that?”

Yes, that was my actual thought process. I’m strategically sharing it with you because I want you to know I literally have fun in everything I do. I practice what I preach here and this was a big part of my spiritual growth. Your first mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make your life filled with so much joy that you’re crying tears of gratitude.

Oprah's gratitude comes from spiritual growth

Entertain yourself first!

See with that thought process I’m literally just enjoying myself. I’m enjoying the process of thinking! Who do you know that can say, “I love life so much even thinking makes me happy!?”

Your energy starts with you. Your thoughts, your choices, your actions, your decisions. You have to be happy with all of them. If you’re not, you should make a change so that you are.

When you start from your inner world, your external world will eventually shift too. Here’s how that process goes down.

  1. Your thoughts change to make you happiest
  2. Your actions change to follow your thoughts
  3. The people around you begin to change
  4. The circumstances begin to change
  5. You realize your life totally changed

Let’s break this process down a bit.

Spiritual growth changes your thoughts to make you happy

It’s exactly what I described above. You make yourself laugh. You use affirmations if you need to. I even created some freebie phone wallpapers to help shift your thoughts at the subconscious level.

Affirmations are probably the best, easiest, and fastest way to make this internal energetic shift. What areas are you looking to improve? Work, money, relationships, family, health? What are your current beliefs and thoughts about those subjects? Are they positive? Are they reactionary? Are you reacting to your world and forming your thoughts from that space?

Here’s an example. For money, using the affirmation “I am wealthy and money flows to me easily” didn’t feel great. It’s where I wanted to be. That’s the end goal. But it didn’t feel great because my stupid ego was telling me “yeah but that’s not true because look at all your bills.” So I made a change.

“I am blessed that all my bills are paid.” That made me feel good. I started feeling more blessed that all my bills are paid and then I thought, “and I still have extra money? Nice!”

So my next affirmation was “I have more money than I need!” and that felt better. As I grew, my affirmations changed to the one that made me happiest in whatever area/s I was improving.

Your actions change to follow your thoughts

In psychology there’s a concept called cognitive dissonance. It means that the further away your thoughts and actions are from alignment, the worse you feel. If you think you’re a good person but you choose to ignore people in need of help, either your belief about yourself or your actions will change.

So using affirmations or changing the way you think to yourself (like I did with the white beard thought process) moves the needle towards a more ‘positive’ state. You’re creating cognitive dissonance and one of two things happens: Either you’ll fall back into thinking the old way or you’ll start taking different actions.

I encourage you to stay with your new thought process and don’t worry about what actions align with them. Those actions will naturally occur.

With the affirmations I used above the action items started with researching ways to make more money. Then asking people how they did it. Then getting feedback on ideas. Then taking action. Then cashing check. I didn’t think, “what would I do next.”

I just lived my life naturally with my new thought process and didn’t worry about the “how.”

releasing attachment is a sign of spiritual growth

The people around you begin to change

As humans, we find the differences in others curious. When we see a change in someone our eyes perk up. Some people might start asking questions. The conversation of personal growth, spirituality, affirmations, crystals, healing energy, etc, will begin to show up in your life more. It’ll stem from this curiosity.

Not only that, but people that don’t know you will be attracted to your energy. They’ll reach out to you or start talking to you randomly. Whether it’s people you already know shifting themselves, or new people popping up, the people around you will change.

I wrote about how the spiritual path can backfire and how connecting to new people might be a part of your journey. If you’re focused on your thought process above, and you take some of the action suggested in that article, you’ll find yourself around higher-vibe people all the time. It’s totally worth it, trust me.

Your spiritual growth leads to changing circumstances

We live in a system. When one thing in the system changes, the entire system will shift to compensate. So when you start shifting into a better energetic state, you’ll see the circumstances around you change as a result. Your energy is shifting the people around you and maybe some of them have new resources. Maybe some have new connections or ideas.

Whatever new circumstances you find yourself in, remember to keep your energy in the right state. As you follow the intuitive guidance within you and shift the world around you, you’re life will dramatically improve.

It’s kind of hard to explain this one because there are so many variables in life. It could be the place you live, the car you drive, a relationship you’re in, your family dynamic, the position you hold in your company. It’s literally everything.

You realize your life totally changed

It might not happen right away at first but when it happens it’ll happen so fast that you might look back after a year and not know how you ever lived the way you did in the past. I saw some old periscope videos of myself and thought, “who is that?” I didn’t recognize myself because my energy has shifted so much since then.

Not only that, but I look at the relationships and circumstances in my life and it’s all completely different. I didn’t think about it until I redid my website and wrote a new about me page.

While it’s happening, you don’t notice it because the changes seem subtle. When you look at the full picture you’ll realize each of those small changes led to some massively different outcomes.

spiritual growth leads to a better life

But what if your energy isn’t the best it could be?

I mention my favorite phrase “alignment before action” as often as possible because alignment means getting your energy in the right state. When that happens, everything above will be true. If your alignment is not as pure as it can be, then you’ll have your missteps. I know because I am the master at missteps!

To be honest, we’re all going to have our missteps. I don’t know of a single lifetime that didn’t have a misstep. That’s part of the beauty of living on this planet. If everything was perfect you wouldn’t have incarnated. The missteps are the flavor of life. When you can learn to enjoy them as much as the blessing, oh-boy are you in for a treat!

The reason this is important because while good energy can create the amazing shifts I mentioned above, the same thing can happen in the opposite direction. Instead of worry about that and bring your focus there, I want you to focus on the positive possibilities. In the end it comes down to three magical words:

Just be happy

Remember, entertain yourself first. You want your energetic state to be the best it can be so that everything outside of that will begin to match your state.

If you have any questions or hangups as you work on making this happen, reach out to me by email or social media so I can help! I love helping people create affirmations or subtle shifts in their thought process. I’m not going to give you free coaching or energy work but I would love to help your affirmation game be on point!

Southern California, USA