That’s right, motherfucker. I’m gonna talk about how to use your energy to make more money with ease! There’s all these people talking about hard work to make your life more abundant. Work, or action, is essential, yes. But hard work? Nah, homie ain’t got time for that. Let’s talk about inspired work instead. Here’s what you gotta know to make that money boo-boo!

Money is energy, yo!

Well, money is more a representation of energy. Just like you! You’re energy too, but you’re also the representation of your energy in a physical form. You’re both. So if money is energy and you know you can get some extra energy by having a latte, how can you get more energy in the form of them dolla dolla bills y’all?!!

Your energy will make more money

To be totally fair, this is going to go against everything you’ve been taught about making money – unless you were lucky enough to be taught by the right person. Money is the physical compensation representing the energetic output you have given. So, the more you do stuff, the more money comes to you. Right? Wrong.

That’s why the “work hard” theory doesn’t always lead to results. You have to work right. You have to work often. You have to work consistently, yes. I know that’s what the successful people preaching this phrase mean. I don’t want to take anything away from them because I listen to a lot of them too. They have a different definition of the word “hard” when it comes before the word “work.”

It’s hard to do the right thing often and consistently. If that thing is work, then it’s hard work. I get what they mean. I’m clearing it up for those of us who didn’t understand this when we first heard the phrase.

The energy you put out has to be the right kind to make more money

See, if you work a lot, you’ll pay your bills and then retire broke. It’s not about working yourself to death. It’s about working yourself to live. The energy you put into your work has to be positive and life-giving.

Alignment Before Action

I don’t know if anyone else says this the way I do but I have been preaching this phrase for years. One of my past clients recently commented how she always remembers that phrase before she does anything because it’s dramatically improved her results.

Alignment before action means you need to get into energetic alignment with your desire before you take action. This literally means don’t work on your passions if you feel like shit.

Wait, what? Don’t work?

That’s right. Don’t touch anything that’s supposed to bring you income unless you’re in the right energetic (or mental, or emotional) state. Use whatever phrasing works best for you. If you’re in the wrong state, mistakes happen. Conflict arises. Everything goes wrong!

I know you’ve been there. I’ve been there. Holy buh-Jesus have I been there. Hell, my business floundered for over a year because my energy was not right. I don’t want that to happen to you.

To make more money, get in the right state first!

If you’re sad, upset, angry, tired, or whatever -fix that shit pronto, little lady. Dead serious. I’m going to tell you my personal trick. I do something on the following list:

  • Ice Cream
  • Pizza
  • Tacos
  • Puppies
  • Playing with my baby nephew and niece
  • Going to the movies
  • Staying home and streaming movies or shows
  • Going to my favorite coffee shop so I can talk to the really cute barista

Let’s take a little breath here for a second. Got it? Cool.

  • The gym
  • Watching my favorite sport
  • Reading a fiction novel
  • Hanging out with my cousin
  • Visiting friends
  • Writing out the crap that’s bugging me and then buring that bitch
  • Sugar in any and all forms (except from the cane or powerded.. unless it’s on a donut)
  • Calling my best friend that lives in Texas to see how his business/life is going
  • Snapchatting myself dancing in my car
  • Music! Oh my god why did it take me so long to think of this. It’s like my first instinct!

You get the point right? There are literally countless things you can do to shift your energetic state. Sometimes you can only do a handful, because time is stupid. Other times you can spend an entire day! Oh my god, more ideas:

  • Salt Bath
  • Float Tanks
  • Beach time!
  • Feeding ducks in the park
  • Hiking
  • Doing hoodrat things with my friends
  • Road trips!
  • Star gazing
  • Moon Gazing (usually done while star gazing but I like the little bullet points)
  • Watching a sunset
  • Going out to get drinks
  • Traveling! Weekend getaway, anyone?
  • Meditation. Goodness gracious meditation is BAE.
  • Listening to my favorite podcast. She’s a LOA Coach and I love her as much as I love Oprah or Ellen. Yeah, they my girls.

I’m telling you. This is a skill you have to master.

Now go work it, girrrl!

Now you’re in a good energetic state, yes? Good! The ideas and the inspired action that come to you in this state are what you want to follow up on. This is the most important key. When you take action from this state of joyfulness, or even just OK-ness, magic happens. Straight. Up. Magic.

But what if you hate your current money-making activity?

be happy before you make more money

Your money-making activity may not be your passion. Do you hate your current job? Follow the plan above. Here’s how I’d structure it out,

  1. Do an activity on your personal list that has a short time commitment.
  2. Go to work
  3. Affirm to yourself this is temporary and you can make the best of it
  4. Find a way to play games/make work fun (like in the movie Waiting)
  5. Leave work and do something on your personal list that has a longer time commitment.
  6. Do a float tank/salt bath at least once a week.

Boom. It might sound silly, but that right there is your magic formula to making more money.

This energetic alignment is attractive af

So what if your in a dead-end job? Who cares. You might know someone who left the company that shares a job opening with you down the line. Maybe a customer, client, old boss, college friend, or old teacher reconnect with you and give you an idea. Maybe the universe sees your happy fucking energy and says “We need more of that shit right there. Let’s hook her up!”

Stop worrying about the “how” of your desire. Focus on the process. Wait, no. Don’t do that. Focus on enjoying the process.

When you’re enjoying the process of living (kind of the trick I’m really talking about here), that energy permeates your entire reality. That means you’ll bring that energy with you to work. Humans subconsciously pick up on this energy. Potential clients turn into raving fans. A dry sales funnel fills up. People want to be around you. That may mean hiring you, or getting you a job with their company.

No matter what, you become more attractive to anything that’ll maintain your positive energetic state. That includes money! And the energy you’re putting out now will be the kind of energy that returns to you.


When I started doing this I thought things would shift instantly. For some people that’s totally the case. For others, not so much. I was in the not so much category. I swear my blogs are all going to be about how much I messed up and what I learned so you don’t have to. Please, enjoy my past misery.

I did the activities above with the assumption that I’d get the results I wanted. Because of that my energy wasn’t actually aligned. So here’s my word of caution for you:

Do those activities without the ulterior motive of getting your desire. Do them to enjoy them. Do them to get yourself in a happier, more positive state.

You know that doing them will help make shifts but don’t do them and then sit up and look around like “where’s my money? Where’s my money man?!” If you do that, the energy you’re putting out is desperation. Have you ever wanted to date someone that seemed desperate to you?

don't be desperate to make more money

Money is the same way. It’ll avoid you like you’re the plague. Do these activities for the soul purpose of being happy. Yes, I intended to say soul and not sole but both are accurate.

What you can expect

A happier freaking life first of all! Is that not enough? Maybe new friends. Maybe your friends and you end up taking more adventures. Maybe you get a better job. Maybe you get the idea and support to start a great business. One of my clients, man do I adore her, that’s what happened to her.

We started working together and she was struggling. After a few months she shared something she did as part of her current business (she’s a private cake baker/decorator). I asked her a little more about it and she says, get this:

“I’ve been thinking about selling that as a  product.” Which I totally supported because when I asked her how she would do it, what ideas she had, etc, she just word vomited all over me. The idea was straight freaking genius!

Fast forward about six months. She’s a VIP client and we’ve been doing a lot of work together. She tells me an old college friend was in town and randomly reconnected with her. That woman sold her old business and has all the contacts and information my client needs to build this business into a multi-million dollar company. She even has the funding and investors ready!

This literally blew my mind. And it wasn’t until I pointed out the magic happening to her that she realized that the “how” had magically freaking appeared for her!

When I say alignment before action, I mean it. It can lead to some amazing results. The determining factor is whether you’ve done everything energetically before taking action but always take action once you’re in the right state!

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