Staying in the right energetic state ain’t easy. I get it. Sometimes the world decides to come crashing down around us. Sometimes the only things happening are the opposite of what we want. How the hell do you stay positive and aligned when you don’t see your desires manifesting?

This was difficult for me to get under control too. Then I learned about this practice I’m sharing with you. I didn’t even start doing it for the energetic impact; that was just a bonus. I did it to train myself to enter meditative states with greater ease. It was my Angels who told me that it’d have such a strong impact on my energy. I mention this activity in various articles but I’m going to share more about it here.

The single most effective practice to get into the best energetic state is floating

even snowman float

A float tank is fucking magical. I remember the first time I used it for this purpose: it blew my mind. I was in a horrible energetic state. I wanted to die. I didn’t want to be alive anymore. I wasn’t suicidal but I would’ve welcome death with a smile on my face. The pressures of life, business, family responsibilities, and all this other crap were coming down hard because of a retrograde and I was not handling it well. So I did a float tank.

My first float

The first time I floated I went to a place in Los Angeles. If you know anything about Los Angeles you know the parking situation is horrendous. I was already in a horrible state and I hate dealing with parking in LA. So this experience was already starting out jaded.

I end up paying for parking because it’s LA and that reduced my stress. I walk over to the location and watch their first timers video. After they guided me to my private room I had to shower and get into the tank. I felt like I was in one of those movies where there’s a epidemic spreading and you have to decontaminate yourself before you can enter a “clean” zone. There was even a door into the tank that looked like I was going to enter a hygienically clean area.

Once I entered the float tank and closed the door I was surrounded by darkness. It was pitch black in there! When I say it was pitch black, that’s no joke. There was absolutely no light at all. It was awesome! Laying down into the salt water was so strange. You expect to sink and instead feel that buoyant force push you back up.

The temperature in the air and the water was matched so that you could feel where the water was touching your body but the difference between the water and open air was negligible.

I sat there and remembered what my Angels had told me about the tank session so I began by setting my intentions.

I intended:

  • That any energy that does not serve my greatest and highest good be cleared, released, and removed from my experience.
  • That this session serve my greatest and highest good.
  • That any healing that needs to be done, be done.
  • That anything my Angels and Guides feel serves my greatest and highest good be done during this session.
  • That my Angels and Guides help me enter the deepest meditative state possible for where I am right now.

After that I couldn’t think of anything else so I imagined those were enough. I floated and my mind immediately began going crazy. People call this the “monkey mind.” It prevented me from entering a meditative state.

I shifted my focus to my breathing and tried to take deep belly breaths. Since the air was humid I had to get used to this. Southern California never gets as humid as these tanks do.

Then I blacked out. I remember becoming conscious every now and then but I’d refocus on staying in a meditative state.

Coming out of my first float

When I came out of that first float I was so focused on showering and getting out that I didn’t realize how different I felt until after I left the facility. I was at peace! I felt such a wonderful peace that I smiled. Just a few hours before I didn’t want to be alive anymore and here I was at peace and smiling! None of my circumstances changed during the course of those two hours but my energy definitely did.

Doctor who agrees you should float

My energetic struggles did not stop

While that first float session helped me massively, I found myself in the exact same situation about a month later. My energetic state was shot! So I went back to the float tank and had the exact same results.

I’ve realized that the more I open up and expand my consciousness, the more energy work I do, the more I help people through the services I provide, the more I need to do this activity. Float tanks are energetic game changers.

Not two months ago I was headed down a very dark path. In all honesty, I think I was headed into the dark night of the soul. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the most difficult experience anyone can ever have. Many times people commit suicide during the dark night because it’s harsh. You feel no light. Your team has to back off. You have to make it through yourself.

Making it through the dark night of the soul puts you in about the top 1% of spiritual practitioners because so few experience it. The Master Angel of my team urgently suggested I do a float tank while I was having these dark moments. It wasn’t like depression, it wasn’t like I lacked a will to live, it was a total and complete emptiness that I felt.

Following his guidance I went to the float tank. It took everything in me to go but I went and came out, again, in a much better state. Over the next few days I was inspired to meditate and do other energy work that got me to experience much more bliss.

Did I go through the dark night? No. I think the urgency of my Angel was because he saw if I went through it at that stage, I wouldn’t survive it. I don’t think I would’ve survived it either. And I know I won’t make it through that experience any time soon. I don’t know if that’s in the cards for me but if it is, you’ll hear about it.

If you have the ability, float.

If there’s somewhere around you that has float tanks (just search for it online) I highly encourage you to experience it. Some people know about this because of the psychedelic effects they can experience. I don’t encourage you to go assuming you’ll have that experience. Some do. Some don’t. I never have.

I still encourage you to do this practice at least once a month if you’re doing any kind of spiritual or energy work. I’m getting to the point where I may need to do it every two weeks.

You’ll notice the differences the more you do it. It’s like each time you release more than the last and there’s a cumulative effect. That doesn’t mean go overboard with the practice. Unlike meditation which can be done daily, doing a float tank daily may be too much. You have to find the balance that helps you most.

Everyone’s ideal amount will be different so experiment and see what works best for you. Maybe once a month is too much for you and you want to go every six to eight weeks. As long as you go.

What if you don’t have a float tank near you?

there's a plan be if you can't float

Salt baths as your Plan B

Here’s my suggestions for your at home Epsom Salt bath sessions:

  • You don’t need a lot of Epsom Salt, maybe half a handful
  • Make the water hot enough to dissolve the salt and then change the temperature to your preference
  • Add essential oils if you like. I suggest lavender.
  • Set your intentions
  • Submerge as much as possible and relax

While float tanks facilities are clear about keeping your face dry, that’s not the case with salt baths. I usually make sure every part of my body, including head and face, get submerged at some point during the bath. The key during these baths is to relax. If you don’t relax your tension, you’re not releasing the energies that need to be released.

If your only option is to take a salt bath you are still getting a huge energetic boost. I would recommend doing them a little more regularly than a float tank but in the long run it will help dramatically.

The difference between a a salt bath and a float tank is… oh goodness, here comes frat boy Ian with an example… the difference between a float tank and a salt bath is like the difference between the light beer you use for beer pong and the high quality beers you get from breweries. Both will get you to where you want to go but one will be much faster and much more pleasant.

I can’t believe I’m using this example, let’s try a better one.

It’s like box wine and wine from a private collection. Like a drag race between a stock Honda Civic and a BMW M6. Like your niece doing your nails and getting a manicure. Boom! That’s the one. Both nails will be painted but one will look a whole lot better. As your niece gets more practice your nails will look better but nothing beats a good manicure. I’m so high-fiving myself right now.

Float tanks are the single more effective practice to getting into the right energetic state but salt baths are a close second. If you have questions about this practice or want to share your experiences during a float, let me know! There’s so many benefits to this experience I’d love to know how you benefited from it.

Southern California, USA