I know what you’re expecting here but I’m going to warn you in advance, this article is not what you think. It’s not about sitting down in lotus position, with a cute ponytail, with incense burning, spa music in the background, hands in a mudra, and chanting “ooooooohhhhmmmm.” If I saw that I’d be like “oooohhhhmmm my god what are you doing?!” because people’s intentions and how they meditate are so misaligned that it drives me crazy.

Meditate like a monk

Monk Meditate Normal Clothes Transformation

What the hell does this mean? The above depiction? Do you have to wear an orange robe? Do you have to shave your head? No.

Meditating like a monk is meditating with a purpose! The purpose is to achieve a level of spiritual growth that most humans will never understand. You want to level up that spiritual growth game. You want to align your energetic and vibrational state to create the best life possible!

I know, I’m the same. And I did exactly what I described above when I started meditating. I have to tell you though, it sucked. I didn’t get why I was doing it. I didn’t understand the benefits, and because of that, I wasn’t consistent in my spiritual and meditation practices.

Meditate with a purpose

The first thing I want you to consider about meditating like a monk is the intention you’re setting before you engage in the practice.

Is your meditation for:

  • healing
  • enlightenment
  • connecting with your Angels and Guides
  • connecting with your higher-self
  • solving a problem you’re dealing with
  • helping you relax
  • helping you destress
  • increasing your mental focus
  • something else?

If you’re not clear on what your intention is to begin with, you’re not going to achieve anything. You’re not meditating, you’re sitting there. What’s the point in that?!

So, to reiterate; set your intention before meditating.

Meditate for your own benefit

Most people take actions with others in mind. Meditation is one of those things that is solely for you. It’s like your precious “me” time. If you don’t have “me” time, you should create some. Meditation can be a huge part of that!

Where did meditation begin? Someone started it right? Most people attribute it to the Buddha. Do you know the story of Buddha? Do you want to meditate like Buddha? Let me paint that picture for you.

Buddha’s famous meditation session

Imagine a little dude from Nepal sitting under a Bodhi tree in India. Now imagine he doesn’t leave that spot for forty-nine days because he’s meditating. People bring him necessities like water and the essentials of nutrition but he doesn’t get up. He doesn’t move, he sits there and he meditates.

Imagine sitting in one spot for that long without showering, brushing your teeth, shaving… would you get up to use the restroom? I’m sure he relieved himself elsewhere and I don’t want to think about the specifics, but let’s admit something: that’s dedication.

When people set up this whole beautiful environment for meditation are forgetting this. It’s not about being beautiful and serene during your meditation. It’s about using meditation as the tool to serve your purpose. For many, that’s spiritual growth.

Meditation takeaway #1

The point I want to make with this is: Don’t worry about “how” you’re supposed to meditate. It’s all bullshit if it doesn’t serve your purpose! Some people say you must do one thing or another. Or they say you have to chant. Just tell everyone to shut up because your meditation practice is meant to serve your purpose. It’s your “me” time, not theirs.

Personal Meditation Power

I’m going to share my stumbles real quick so you can see meditation doesn’t have to look, be, feel, or sound the same for anyone.

Meditation in the beginning

I mentioned I began doing the same thing and it led to inconsistency. The only thing I was missing was the ponytail but man did I look good in yoga pants!

All kidding aside, I tried the lotus position meditation. I tried using different mudras (hand positions). I tried all sorts of stuff. And now my meditations are specific for each purpose I use.

When I realized I couldn’t meditate in lotus position with my eyes closed I made some changes, I laid down. Shocking, I know. I laid down because it was more comfortable and my intention was to have a deep meditation that supported my intention to connect to my Angels, Guides, and higher-self.

My meditation evolution

I still felt like my eyes were going to open though.

Eyes Might Open While You Meditate

So I bought one of those sleep masks eye cover things. I don’t know what they’re called and its’ not important. Then I realized that the energy in my room wasn’t that good. Why not? Because I’m a messy guy, obviously.

So I cleaned my room. All my teenage years of being yelled at by my mom to clean my room and all she needed to do was introduce me to meditation. After I cleaned my room I realized I enjoyed the smell of incense, it relaxed me. My intention was to go deep so this worked for me.

Then I needed an energetic boost so I brought in some crystals.

Three months into creating this practice I stopped meditating in my room. I started going to parks, laying on yoga mats and entering that meditative state. I no longer used the sleep mask, the incense, or the crystals. I was usually under a tree. I think I would’ve made Buddha proud.

Meditation takeaway #2

Your meditation practice is going to evolve.

As it stands today, I don’t meditate in parks or under trees anymore. Sometimes it’s on my couch. I do a morning meditation that’s much closer to the lotus position type of meditation but always on my bed. I do an evening meditation that is for spiritual connection.

My meditation practice evolved with my spiritual growth because I stopped trying to meditate like I was told and began to meditate like a monk: with a purpose and with massive dedication.

There are various meditation practices I engage in. Each with a purpose. Each a tool to build my spiritual growth from the foundation I’ve set. Here’s a list of types of meditations if you haven’t found something that works for you:

  • chanting (with/out mala beads)
  • affirmations (with/out mala beads)
  • walking
  • coloring
  • breathing (there so many forms of breathing meditations)
    • fire breathing (I’d consider this an advance practice)
    • deep belly breathing
    • alternate breathing (switching nostrils. I’ve never tried this)
    • stillness breathes (the space between breathes)
    • etc
  • mindfulness
  • zen (traditional Buddhist meditation like our main man, the big B, Buddha!)
  • chakra meditation
  • gazing meditation (like on a flame, or specific point or object)
  • Unfocused meditation (like the exact opposite of gazing for focus, you look and unfocus)

You get my point right? You want me to do a blog post on each of these to see which works best for you? I can do that, but not today.

Meditation takeaway #3

There’s so many ways to meditate that you can always find time to do it.

With everything I’ve listed above you might be thinking “that’s way too much, I don’t have time for that!”

Your thinking isn’t aligned if that’s your thought process. Instead you should be thinking, “with so many options, I’m sure I can find a way to fit something into my lifestyle!”

Let’s face it, the title of this post is about meditating in Today’s age. So your meditation needs to fit into a life that seems to consume all of your time. This is exactly why we created the concept of “me” time! Because so much of our time is not our time. It’s our boss’s time. Our jobs time. Our family’s time. Our friends want our time. What about you?! You need “me” time and with the meditation practices above, you can turn anytime into me time.

Meditation makes more “me”

One thing I haven’t mentioned are the benefits of meditation. Why do that when there’s so many other articles trying to convince you of how awesome it is. You’re not reading this to be convinced of something you probably already believe. What I do want to make clear is that meditation is the best type of “me” time there is because it connects you to the truest part of yourself. Your soul.

Your soul, higher-self, spirit, whatever terms you choose. The best way for you to connect to it is through meditation. And the more you connect to your spirit, the more your higher-self can come through you. That means your ego will lose control over your thoughts, actions, and patterns.

You’ll be upleveling the type of energy you’re emitting into this world because you’re literally bringing in higher dimensional parts of yourself into this incarnation. You want to know what made Jesus so special? When everyone around him was suffering, he was okay. He wasn’t great. He wasn’t amazing. He was okay. And being okay, in a world that can totally suck sometimes, is fucking magical.

Meditate to bring in more of your higher-self

So meditate like a monk in modern times. Bring in more of your higher-self. And make yourself fucking magical.

Share your meditation practice

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know the energy of this content is serving you but I would love nothing more than to hear your feedback about how you feel it’s served you. And if you have a suggestion of any type of meditation practice you enjoy that maybe I haven’t listed, let me know that too!

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