About three times out of the year we hear the spiritual community go crazy about Mercury Retrograde. It’s even begun to infiltrate mainstream media. Most people don’t know what it is, or how effects them but the people that do know they need to be prepared. Then there are the few that know how to survive mercury retrograde the right way. They know that this short phase can lead to massive personal and spiritual growth. If you’re not already one of those few, you might want to keep reading.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

This is the first question most people will ask. There’s the scientific definition and the spiritual one.

Scientific Definition of Mercury Retrograde

If you look up at the stars, they all seem to move across the sky in one direction. You can trace the path of each star across the sky if you wanted to. When people talk about a retrograde, they’re referring to an optical illusion where the start seems to slow down (called the pre-shadow period) and then backtrack. It begins moving in the opposite direction. Then it slows down again (called the post shadow period) and goes back into it’s normal path across the sky (the term used to define this is ‘going direct’). The retrograde portion is between the two shadow periods where it’s moving in the opposite direction.

What is Mercury Retrograde

Spiritual Definition of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is an intense 3 week period where all hell breaks loose! Astrologists consider Mercury the planet that rules:

  • the intellect
  • rational thinking
  • data & information
  • speech & writing
  • news & the media
  • studying & learning
  • ideas & reason
  • decision making

When the planet is retrograde, nothing on that list is working optimally. So astrologists believe:

  • that technology will go haywire
  • communication will break down
  • our decision making process will shift dramatically and not for the better
  • the news and media will seem out of control with their stories
  • etc.

There’s a lot that can go wrong during a Mercury retrograde. As you’ll see, I came to the realizations of how to use the retrograde cycle for our benefit by embracing it as true. But it took me a little while to get there.

Skepticism About Mercury Retrograde

I’ll be the first to admit, I thought this was all bull. Total crap. Get this pseudo-science junk out of my face! I’m a very logical person and none of this seemed to follow many patterns of logical thought. How can this shrinking planet about the size of the United States, 48 million miles away have any kind of effect on us?!

Observing Mercury Retrograde

So I began paying attention because I love proving people wrong. I noticed that what astrologers talked about did happen. The more specific their predictions were, the more I saw that they might be right. That lead me to pay close attention to my personal life. While I hadn’t decided I’d believe it, I no longer discredited it as pseudo-science. If anything, I considered it scientific theory that has yet to undergo the rigors of modern scientific study. And then it happened.

Mercury Retrograde Kicked My Ass

I started my path of spiritual growth. Not like religious, follow the word of the lord, type of spiritual growth. I began expanding my consciousness and empowering my energetic being. I had no idea this was what I was doing, I just did it as part of my personal growth. That’s when I started noticing these retrogrades having a much stronger effect on me. Once I embraced my spiritual path as a Sage, shit hit the fan.

What most spiritual practitioners aren’t told or warned about is that they become more sensitive to energy. The good and the bad. Retrograde energy is just cosmic energy. It’s not good or bad, it’s just intense. If you’re not aware of how intense it can be and you begin your spiritual growth (which let’s face it, that’s 99% of us), you’re getting your ass handed to you. I know. It happened to me.

That entire list above? Out the window during retrogrades. It sucked! I pretty much had to isolate myself to survive.

Here’s some actual footage of Mercury Retrograde kicking my ass…

Mercury Retrograde kicking ass

The Blessings of Mercury Retrograde

As my journey expanded my knowledge I learned the truth of retrogrades. They are some of the greatest blessings this universe can grant us. Now, at this stage I clearly believe that their energetic impact is real. But even if you’re skeptical, would it hurt to follow suggestions that help your personal growth? What I learned, and shared in a previous post, is that retrogrades help us clear up problems rooted in our ego. I explained it more fully there but I want to apply that information to this retrograde.

Use This Mercury Retrograde For A Better Life

Once you recognize that the retrograde energy gives you the opportunity to connect and cleanse, you can leverage it for your best benefit.

Before I start the next part I need to clear about something: I am not an astrologer. I don’t do Natal Astrology charts or any of that stuff. Instead, I am an energy expert. I know how energy impacts us and how we can use energy for our best interest. Cool? Good. Let’s begin.

Each astrological sign will be impacted differently during the retrograde. None the less, it’s important to know how to get through Mercury Retrogrades in general. Here’s my top 3 tips for you:

1.) Mercury Retrograde Is A Time For Reflection

retrogrades are a time for reflection

In whatever area you’re noticing the retrograde effecting you, it’s important to reflect and recognize the message that you’re receiving. Here’s a few examples:

  • If technology keeps failing you ask yourself, when’s the last time you enjoyed and connected to nature? Are you grounded?
  • Do you keep sending messages to the wrong people? Ask yourself if you’re clear about what you want to share with the world.
  • If you’re being revisited by old colleagues or lovers, ask yourself if there’s unresolved emotional issues you should finally face.
  • Are you struggling with your finances? Ask yourself if you’re being called to do something different. Or, have you structured yourself for a future of wealth or poverty?

Reflect on the parts of your life going haywire and consider the course of action that would best serve you. Sometimes having an outside perspective is perfect for this.

2.) Mercury Retrograde Is A Time For Energy Work

Before you immediately think of getting Reiki or Chakra work done, stop. The energy work you should focus on isn’t what you would do during a “non-retrograde” period. No, no, no! That will only make problems worse. If you resist the retrograde energy, it’s going to double its efforts and mess with you even more. The proper energy work during a Mercury retrograde should focus on the exact experience you’re having. It should help you allow the energy to pass you by and not stop for a three week couch-crashing party.

The concept here is simple: You’re not in a retrograde period, you’re passing through a retrograde phase.

3.) It’s OK To Ask For Help During A Retrograde

It’s especially okay to ask for help from an expert. I’m offering a free download so you can see how this mercury retrograde will impact your specific sign. This way you can go to your preferred energy worker or energy healer and have them help you. I do offer a service to help with this because I remember how freaking stupid these retrogrades can be when you’re on your own. But I’m not here to sell you on a service. I’m here to let you know that getting help is okay. I wish I had known what was happening without the suffering I experienced. And I don’t care who you work with as you are willing to get the help to make it through this retrograde and come out better for it!

Coming Out Of Mercury Retrograde For The Better

If you read the other article I mentioned, you’ll see how to approach any retrograde. By downloading the free resource I made for you, you’ll see what to expect and how to approach this specific retrograde. If you take advantage of all of that, you will undoubtedly come out the better for it. Remember that the blessings of this retrograde include releasing things that no longer serve you. It’s almost like taking unnecessary weight off so you can live lighter after this phase has passed.

Mercury Retrograde Energy Work

The energy work I offer is one of a kind. I work with divine energy, your Angels, your Guides, and your Higher-Self to make sure your struggles are replaced with the gifts you’re meant to receive during this phase. That doesn’t mean life become hunky-dory and magical. You’ll still experience parts of the retrograde. It’s actually very important for your growth that you do. But I help with my energy work to such a degree that the process is much easier and much more comfortable.

I don’t do more of what I do with typical energy work. That would make things worse for you. I’ve learned to do energy work specifically for retrograde cycles. And this Mercury retrograde is sandwiched between a Mars Retrograde. Not only that, but a total of six planets will actually be in a retrograde cycle during the Mercury retrograde. So to say that this is a very difficult time for everyone would be an understatement.

Working With Someone Else

I believe the universe is abundant and you should always trust your intuition. If you feel I’m not someone you want to work with, I’m okay with that. If you know your preferred energy worker/healer, please go to them. Just don’t forget the download I created for you. I made it specifically for those of you wanting energy work to help you through this Mercury retrograde. Even if that means going somewhere else. Please, just make sure you’re doing what’s best for you.

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