A life blueprint? Really? Understanding that there is no general blueprint for life helps us create our own personalized blueprint. I recently posted on Instagram¬†and started my description with “I used to feel this way a lot over the last two years. In all honesty, I’d go to sleep hoping I didn’t wake up the next day.” I mean that. I’d go to sleep hoping I’d die and be done with this life. Let’s face it, our lives on this planet right now are overwhelming! Even for the people with their shit together. It’s no walk in the park. What’s happening?! Why are we all, as a species, feeling this way?

To get your life blueprint, be aware of the lay of the land.

First, it’s important to recognize our surroundings and how they might affect us. Our political landscape is more volatile than ever (something I won’t get into). Not just domestically either. We’re seeing world upheavals and dynamic shifts in power leading to new “threats.”

On top of that, we have ever-increasing financial burdens but non-changing¬†income streams. We’re making the same amount of money but spending more because technology has advanced dramatically but we haven’t adapted to it.

There’s also the massive energetic shifts we’re experiencing at the cosmic level. Non-visible energy is pounding down on us like Donkey Kong trying to stop Mario from saving Princess Peach.

Angry Donkey Kong throwing barrels at Mario

Energy forces are coming down on us

Adding all those elements together really messes with our personal energetic alignment and state of being in unforeseen ways. That’s why there’s such a strong collective call to focus on mental health awareness.

Your current life blueprint has missing pieces

You have the lay of the land listed above (and we haven’t’ even taken into account your personal situations, right?!). You also have a current blueprint whether you’re aware of it or not. Our society has programmed us to function in a certain way to successfully arrive at our death. That’s a morbid way of looking at it but it’s true. Society looks at us and says “we’re all going to die, here’s how to suffer the least on the way there.”

That’s not a pleasant thought but what’s worse is the blueprint they gave you absolutely sucks! You’ve been taught to rely solely, or mostly, upon your intellect. And if you don’t have a strong intellect? Sucks for you, buddy! It’s hard labor or “meaningless” work for you. No work is meaningless but I’m also not going to get into that right now.

This flawed programming has left out two critical pieces to enjoy a fulfilling life: your intuition and the role of your soul.

Adding intuition and your soul into your life blueprint

We’re born with intuition and a connection to our soul. As we grow older and our ego grows in strength we lose touch with these elements. To make things worse, our society then has us focus on our intellect which decreases that connection to our soul even more.

It’s no wonder so many people are agnostic or “spiritual but not religious.” They feel that there’s something missing but they can’t exactly tell what it is. They know that they have something that will help them solve all their problems but they can’t put their finger on what it is.

Enhancing your intuitive insights and recognizing the connection to your soul considerably upgrades your life blueprint. Missing these two elements, plus everything listed above, is an equation for disaster. It’s no wonder we’re so overwhelmed.

How to rework your life blueprint

I’ve already stated we need to add intuition and reconnect to your soul. What else though?

Well, no one is talking about this so remember; you heard it here first, folks! No one is talking about how your mind, body, emotions, desires, soul, intellect, and intuition integrate. No one is talking about how they relate. And no one is effectively showing or helping you fit them all together!

Don’t get me wrong. There are some people who are good at one area and they think they have the full solution. This is why you see mindset coaches, “success” coaches, emotional intelligence coaches, manifestation coaches, law of attraction coaches, health and fitness coaches, etc. They all address a piece of the puzzle and leave you to figure out how to integrate and fit everything else together.

It’s time for all of that to stop. Like, for real! Don’t get me wrong, having a personal trainer is worth it. Having a coach that specializes in one area or the other is great. But if they’re not teaching you how that integrates with the other areas of your life, or how those areas interact with each other, then you need to step up your standards in the type of coach you hire.

If you’re a coach reading this and you’re offended; tough luck. I say it like it is and it’s up to you to rise to the challenge or be angry. I couldn’t care less (but appreciate you all the same).

The Time of the Sage

What we need to get us through this period in human evolution is clear. We need people who can provide us with intuitive, practical, and workable blueprints which embody the human experience and interconnectedness to the soul.

A modern sage can intuitively map out a blueprint to help people with how the mind, body, soul, emotions, desires, intellect, and intuition integrate, relate, and fit together. That’s not me selling my services, that’s a message from an Angel of the Guardian Choir.

I’m not the only Sage on the planet, I just know I’m a Sage. I have a feeling Tony Robbins is too but he’s been around a few years longer than me so his name is more recognizable at the moment. My ego has something to say about that. I digress.

Why is it the time of the Sage? Because I can sum up a Sage in four words: Self-Actualizing Growth Expert. A Sage will deliver to you a Self-Actualizing Growth Experience. They’ll incorporate all the elements I listed in this section with ease because that’s a part of their being.

Your life blueprint encapsulates all elements

Everyone’s life is unique. Every situation is unique. But all blueprints encapsulate all of the elements above. If you work with any type of coach, make sure they incorporate more than just one of those elements. If they add in universal truths, and esoteric knowledge, all the better! Sages tend to do that but remember, A Sage isn’t usually going to give you a workout routine and a meal plan.

I might, but most won’t. The only reason I would is that I have a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. I’d still rather direct you to someone who spends all their time in that field. I have a handful of well-trusted coaches in the health and fitness industry, in the mindset industry, as well as business consultants. If you’re looking for one of those three, connect with me and I’ll direct you to people whom I know will give you their best and take you to the next level.

Get A Life Blueprint Layout

I don’t necessarily have this as a service so if you’re interested in seeing what areas to focus on in your life blueprint, connect with me! I don’t mind pointing people in the right direction. My contact information is floating around this website but you can always email me at [email protected] Make the subject line “Life blueprint” and I’ll make sure to check it with the highest priority. Other emails can be boring. Helping people who want to improve their situation is fun. I’d rather do fun stuff.

Child exclaiming fun to show how Ian enjoys helping people

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