Yo Yo Yo! Welcome back to another article from your way too amped up author, Ian Mother F-in Sneed! Crystal healing done wrong? What the hell am I talking about? How is that even a thing? I hope you’re all strapped in and ready to go because I sure as hell am. I’m listening to that Whitney Houston Song I Will Always Love You and it’s taking everything in me not to sing at the top of my lungs as I write this in my coffee shop. So you know you’re going to get some good content because I’m channeling all my focus into this blog for you instead of torturing the people around me with horrible singing.

Can Crystal Healing Be Done Wrong?

Only if you don’t know what you’re doing. Most people don’t know what they’re doing. Don’t get me wrong, professionals know what’s up. They’re doing the work the right way. It’s the home remedy types that can take action that is actually detrimental. If you fall into this category, don’t worry, I got your back! Let’s break this down.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is founded on the premise that we live in a vibratory universe. It uses the energy of crystals to shift your vibration to something more optimal. Do you see how I use energy and vibration interchangeably? That’s on purpose. Energy is vibration taking form.

Each crystal resonates at a certain frequency. When the corresponding part of us is out of sync, the crystals help bring our vibration back to the right state. That is crystal healing in the smallest nutshell I can conceive

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Can Crystal Healing Work?

To be honest, your beliefs will impact the results of any form of healing. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. You can literally think yourself back to health. Actually, our bodies are already set to heal without having to think about it at all! But I digress.

Yes, it works. Whether someone chooses to recognize the benefits is up to them. The number of benefits one receives will also be impacted by their beliefs. So some people see massive results while other people just laugh at the idea.

What are common crystal healing techniques?

There are different ways people can use crystals for healing purposes. Some use crystal sound bowls to heighten the impact. Others will place them on certain energetic points on their body. You’ll see a lot of people meditate with crystals placed on their chakras for either healing or mediation enhancement purposes.

One time, before I was all spiritual and was really just challenging my beliefs, I tried this. I had an amethyst necklace and I was trying to “open my third eye.”

Like I said, I was new to all of this. So, I meditated and placed the crystal on my third eye. And guess what? After a few minutes, I started seeing psychedelic colors! It was actually really cool. I had put away my preconceived notions and thanks to that I experienced this fun little effect!

That’s the experience that took me from skeptical to open. I opened my mind to the fact that maybe there’s truth to the energetic world that I’m unaware of. Now I have way too many crystals at home and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

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How can crystal healing be done wrong?

Crystal healing is done wrong when people misinterpret how to carry out what they learn about crystals. A lot of crystals are used to enhance, amplify, or bring underlying energy to the surface so it can be processed and released. Not every crystal balances and heals the way people assume.

The two crystals that people use the wrong way:

Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline

I get that people want to remove negative energy, lower vibrational energy, protect their space and all of that. I do the exact same thing. But these crystals are best used in two or three places.

  • Your home
  • Office or place of employment
  • And your car

Anything else and you’re asking for trouble. I find most people wear these crystals in the form of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories but please, for the love of all that is good, stop doing that!

Seriously, you’re making your problems worse. These crystals bring what you’re trying to remove to the surface BUT, they don’t remove them. Not when you’re wearing them. That is not their purpose. I get that anyone into crystal healing is immediately going to say I don’t know what I’m talking about but this information comes from an Angel. That’s an 11th dimensional being created for the sole purpose of serving God. A being that is incapable of lying. So if you ask me, it’s your word against theirs. I know whose side I’m taking.

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What does Black Obsidian do for you?

Black Obsidian is a protection stone, a grounding stone, and a cleansing stone. It helps you ground yourself when your head is in the clouds or you feel scatterbrained. It helps you cleanse energetic fog or remove energy that is attached to you that doesn’t serve you. And it also helps protect any new unwanted energy from attaching to you. Unwanted energy will typically attach itself to you when you’re in a relaxed state.

What does Black Tourmaline do for you?

A very similar crystal, Black Tourmaline is great for grounding, deflecting negative energy, protection from unwanted energy, and purifies your energetic state. It’s much more effective as a protective stone and has a history of being used for that purpose by “magicians” and shamans for centuries.

Why are they being used wrong during crystal healings?

These stones are essentially shadow stones. Most souls are beings of light but every light creates a shadow. There are stones that amplify the light, and those that work with the shadow side. But people are using these stones thinking they’re the magic pill for energetic healing when really, they’re the magic pill for bringing up the items that need healing. There’s a difference there.

How to use Black Tourmaline and Black Obsidian for crystal healing purposes

It would serve you best using it in the three places I listed above. Here’s how I’d go about it:

Crystal healing for your home, car, and office

Step 1 – Buy the crystal or crystals you resonate with most

Sometimes you might be called to use just one. Sometimes both. If you’re like me you’ll aim for overkill and get everything that’s black until you realize you have a problem.

Step 2 – Buy some Palo Santo

This is for removing any energy that’s brought out after the crystals begin doing their work. It’s not done on the first day, but it can be.

Step 3 – Go home (Kind of important)

Um, are you planning on using it somewhere else? You can repeat these steps wherever you choose to use these crystals for healing. (I’d suggest your place of employment and car.)

Step 4 – Place the crystals wherever feels best.

Some people want crystals in every room, some are happy with it being in just one. Feng Shui experts might suggest specific locations for you.

Step 5 – The following day, light that Palo Santo and smudge your house

This should definitely be done after a full day and then again periodically as you see fit.

Step 6 – Enjoy a home of clear energy

I added this step so you wouldn’t forget the whole point of this.

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Crystal healing for your Self

Use the crystals periodically as part of your meditation practice. You can hold them to bring up elements that can use a cleaning or repurposing. Notice how the shadow side of your being naturally begins to come out. You can feel it, notice it in your thoughts, and you must be willing to face these parts of yourself non-judgementally.

I’d encourage you to call upon your Angels, Guides, Higher-self, and the highest level beings for your highest good before you meditate. Then you can set your intention for the mediation and carry it out.

I’d ask something along the lines of,

“…bringing to the surface all the energetic elements that no longer serve my greatest and highest good such that I am able to heal them, transmute them, and release them back to their origin in such a way that the greatest and highest good of all is served. Thank you. And so it is.”

Crystal healing is serious business

Purging your Self of energy is not a fun experience. It’s brave of you to take that challenge on. Growing in this manner is for the spiritually bold. For those of us who are spiritual but not religious this type of practice creates dramatic and impactful results.

You’ll sometimes feel like you’re experiencing a mourning process of sorts. Other times you’ll be extremely irritable and angry coming out of a meditation. You may cry afterward and not know why. Be bold, and keep going. Your growth will be unmatched by embracing this type of process.

Some people ask me why I share stuff like this when I have energy healing and clearing services. Because I’d rather teach you enough to do things on your own but there are certain things only I (or a professional of a similar skill set) can do. When I clear energetic space, I do everything listed above and more. I add the person’s Angels and Guides to the process. I use Angelic prayers for enhanced healing and I create an extra layer of protection by using other crystals to form a grid in the home. This entire process was taught to me by my Angels and Guides.

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