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I totally get it. You’re reading this because you stumbled on my site while searching for something positive, something inspiring, something to help shift you away from all the darkness and negativity floating around the world today. The news, the media… all you hear about is danger, disaster, corruption, and crime. It’s as if there’s this massive dark cloud spreading across the globe making every experience bitter and cold.

And yet, there’s a part of you, maybe it’s deep down inside, maybe it’s right under the surface but, this part of you knows there’s another truth out there.

That other truth is light, goodness, joy, bliss, happiness, and all the good the world has to offer. You know it’s there, but it’s not being shown.

So what the fuck is going on? I’ll tell you, because what you’re experiencing has nothing to do with what’s happening in the world and everything to do with what’s happening to you.

I know because I was in the exact same space you’re in. And to illustrate, I’ll share parts of my story and then show you how it’s important that you receive this message to its fullest.

A Spiritual Thought Leader?
Right now I realize you may have no idea who I am.

Or maybe you’ve known me for years. Either way, I doubt you know this part of who I am. I’m a modern Sage, a transpersonal healer, and a spiritual teacher. This means nothing for most people. You, on the other hand, might be interested to know what that really means.

This part of my story is important because when you see where I came from you’ll begin to understand how this content applies to you.

A Sage is a self-actualizing growth expert, plain and simple.

As a Sage I tap into the flow of ideas, access the universal consciousness, and use my innate celestial frequency to create energetic shifts around me. Sages tend to excel in communicating with wit and wisdom. Coupling this with my transpersonal healing abilities I help people experience being a higher light form. I have the ability to help people experience higher forms of energy, more creativity, and more light in every facet of their lives.

That’s a mouthful, I know. It’s why I rarely say it but writing it down totally works. And this all makes a huge difference in someone’s life. Imagine tapping into the universal consciousness to help you in any area of your life. Being powered forward by celestial frequencies. Having any and all energy misalignments completely taken care of. That’s exactly the experience I provide for my students and clients.

Today, I can easily communicate with my Angels, Guides, and Higher-Self.

Wait, what? Yeah, those things are all real.  I’ve seen them in their energetic forms, and I’ve seen various forms of energy that surround us on a daily basis but we’ve not been trained to see.

The energy work I do uses divine energy and the methods I go about using them are unique and taught to me by these higher dimensional beings. When I engage with a person, my eyes see their physical body, but I see their soul. I know I’m interacting with the human parts of them but I always see the best in them because I can see them for the eternal being they truly are.

And on top of all of this, I teach this (and other spiritual/universal concepts) to people so they can use the light to improve their experience in this lifetime.

This is who I am today and I still have a lot of growing to do. This life is not about material possession (even though I think we should enjoy them if we can) but is a process of growth and learning. We all have different starting points but mine was somewhat dramatic when compared to most.

Let’s go back a little over a decade. I was a small-time gangster hiding all the stupid stuff I was doing from my family because I knew it would let them down.

I strategically found the best way to lower my grades look “cool” but still satisfy my family’s expectations of doing well in school. I was smart but I was also really stupid.

When I say small-time gangster I mean I was still at a stage where I was able to walk away from that life only taking a few beatings. Some people are not so blessed. Even after I left that life and started my journey of personal development I had people try to run me over with their car or shoot at me. I’ve literally jumped over cars, ‘dodged’ bullets, and been in car chases just to stay alive.

That was my life for a number of years. I changed my focus to get myself away from that environment and over the next few years focused on making myself a better person.

This path slowly led to spiritual concepts such as the Law of Attraction, deliberate creation, energy healing, meditation, etc. And like you, there was a part of me that was seeing the world thinking there was another truth when I stumbled onto these subjects.

As I read them, as I engaged with them, and as I embraced them; I saw the truth. The highest priority we have in this life is our spiritual development. If we make that our highest focus, everything else falls in line.

When I started exploring and growing my spiritual awareness things started jumping out to me that hadn’t before. The corruption, the crime, the danger, the disaster. All of it was jumping out to me as if to knock me down and make me feel hopeless.

I kept going though. Slowly I began to see those things the same way you see a television show. It exists, but is it a reality you take part in? Or are you creating your own reality? One of a higher vibration?

That dark cloud you’re noticing, I noticed it too. It happened when I started to have my “awakening” for a lack of better terms. This enlightenment to the spiritual truths in our reality made me aware of the degrees of vibratory states we could exist in.

For some people, that violence is truth. All that negativity is reality and nothing will every change that. Yet there are countless other people who will never have to experience it. Everyone’s experience is unique to where they incarnated. And then there’s us. You and me. People that started at one level and have opened up to experiencing more energy, new energy, different energy.

When I started this spiritual journey, I came at it with a shotgun approach.

Just shoot wild in a direction and hope something hits. My results were spotty. So I began focusing on one area: meditation. And my meditations were total crap. I was trying too hard to meditate. I struggled. I didn’t see the benefit. I stopped. Then I’d start again and I’d undergo this ridiculous cycle over the course of a few years.

Finally I became consistent and I started to have deeper, more meaningful experiences. Where some people have an amazing experience from their first meditation, it took me years.

Where some people could immediately release lower energy emotions, I would swing from vengeful anger to enlightened gratitude.

Sometimes I was well grounded and had all my stuff together. Other times I was lost in the clouds and didn’t know what to do next.

During my journey to embrace my current state I stumbled and fell more times than many people will ever attempt. It took me years before I could hear my Angels and Guides because I was unconsciously resistant. It could have only taken months.

When I taught my cousin some of the things I was learning he had a different experience.

He had no attachment to the outcome and his Angels wanted him to know this was true.

He did a meditation right before bed and after a little while he had the urge to open his eyes. When he did, he opened his eyes to a dark room that was filled with blue sparkling lights all around him and this massive sense of peace and happiness.

In his first meditation he had an experience that took me years. And he didn’t really believe in this kind of stuff until I began sharing my experiences with him.

I’ll tell you why I began sharing these experiences with him. Because he, like you, was noticing that dark cloud and he sat there confused thinking there had to be something better in this world than what he was observing.

I know the spiritual path (in the way I’m describing) is not for everyone, but if any of my journey, or my experiences resonates with you- it may be your path.

Some people aren’t here to bring more light into this world. You may be.

Some people aren’t here to learn how to bring more joy and love into this world by merely existing. You may be.

One thing I can tell you is, if you’re noticing all the hardships in this world and feel the way I’ve described above, you’re opening up energetically. It’s going to be up to you to find the people to help you protect yourself from energy you don’t want. You might have to learn how to maintain your own positive vibration.

You don’t need to become a spiritual teacher.

You don’t need to be a healer.

Those are unique roles that some people are called to but, not everyone is.

You may be a creative, a business mogul, a mechanic, a housewife, a stay at home dad, a truck driver, a yoga instructor. Your roles in this lifetime have nothing to do with your spiritual growth. But your spiritual growth has everything to do with your experience during your lifetime.

So find your group of people, your tribe, your social circle. The one that understands what you’re going through. Find the mentors, the coaches, the helpers that will guide you to experience more light in your life so that darkness does not consume your consciousness.

Getting to know me by checking out my content is the easiest way to see whether I’m someone that you resonate with. Feel free to start by checking out my articles.

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