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From small-time gangster to spiritual advocate, Ian Sneed has prioritized his personal growth as the most important part of his existence!

“I didn’t know being spiritual was going to be a part of who I was when I was doing stupid shit as a kid. I thought I’d be dead or in jail by 24. I cried like a baby that new years after I turned 24. I fucking made it! Everyone is worried about money, prestige, celebrity status; I’m just fucking happy to be alive. Believe that shit.” 

– Ian Sneed

So, What’s A Sage?





As a Sage I tap into the flow of ideas, access the universal consciousness, and use my innate celestial frequency to create energetic shifts around me. Sages tend to excel in communicating with wit and wisdom. Coupling this with my transpersonal healing abilities I help people experience being a higher light form. I have the ability to help people experience higher forms of energy, more creativity, and more light in every facet of their lives. 

That’s a mouthful, I know. It’s why I rarely say it but writing it down totally works. And this all makes a huge difference in someone’s life. Imagine tapping into the universal consciousness to help you in any area of your life. Being powered forward by celestial frequencies. Having any and all energy misalignments completely taken care of. That’s the point I want to help everyone get to but that’s really only the tip of the iceberg. And this, everything I’m doing, it’s your invitation to join the movement of taking mass consciousness to a higher level of experience.

Why Podcasting?

In College, Ian’s fraternity brothers called him the “random speech guy.” He can jump into a story or a speech like the world was begging for it, even if it wasn’t. And the best part about this is he captivates and engages that audience with ease. With a talent like that, podcasting just fits him oh-so-well.

youTube Generation

Let’s face it, Ian likes talking and with technology, every generation is the YouTube generation. So Ian jumps on to share personal stories and the best how-to/helpful videos he can. He believes helping people incorporate their spiritual power into their daily lives is what will make the world a better place.

Article and Writing

Ian has a passion for expression. It comes across extremely well through spoken word but sometimes he lays it down in text because he wants it to stand the test of time. He’s a fan of reading himself and believes engaging our mind through the exercise of reading can lead to groundbreaking and life changing experiences. 

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The Journey

Spiritual Growth Can Suck…

There’s a lot of “fluffy” spiritual teachers that I need to warn you about. If they’re preaching spiritual growth as unicorns and rainbows without mentioning the hard parts, you might want to question them deeper.

When I started this spiritual journey, I came at it with a shotgun approach.
Just shoot wild in a direction and hope something hits.

My results were spotty. So I began focusing on one area: meditation. And my meditations were total crap. I was trying too hard to meditate. I struggled. I didn’t see the benefit. I stopped. Then I’d start again and I’d undergo this ridiculous cycle over the course of a few years.


Finally I became consistent and I started to have deeper, more meaningful experiences. Where some people have an amazing experience from their first meditation, it took me years.

Where some people could immediately release lower energy emotions, I would swing from vengeful anger to enlightened gratitude.


Spiritual Growth Can Get Ugly Without The Right Guidance

Sometimes I was well grounded and had all my stuff together. Other times I was lost in the clouds and didn’t know what to do next.

During my journey to embrace my current state I stumbled and fell more times than many people will ever attempt. 

And that was really just the beginning because once I got to that point, I started doing shadow work.


To embrace a journey of spiritual growth, you’ll have to be brave enough to face the parts of you that you try hide from. You’ll have to overcome Ego – and that’s not easy. But it is doable.

Ian Sneed

Modern Sage & Spiritual Teacher

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