Top 5 Books For Spiritual Growth

I received a request for books that lead to powerful personal growth. The truth is, the best personal growth comes from spiritual growth. The reason for that is simple: your spiritual experience is at the root of your entire existence. If you nurture something from its roots, the rest of that thing will prosper. Your…
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crystal healing example with woman holding crystal quartz

Crystal Healing Done Wrong

Yo Yo Yo! Welcome back to another article from your way too amped up author, Ian Mother F-in Sneed! Crystal healing done wrong? What the hell am I talking about? How is that even a thing? I hope you’re all strapped in and ready to go because I sure as hell am. I’m listening to that…
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Life blueprint being created by a Sage

Your Life Blueprint Upgrade For Massive Success And Fulfillment

A life blueprint? Really? Understanding that there is no general blueprint for life helps us create our own personalized blueprint. I recently posted on Instagram and started my description with “I used to feel this way a lot over the last two years. In all honesty, I’d go to sleep hoping I didn’t wake up the…
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Mercury Retrograde, July 2018, Surviving Mercury Retrograde

How Surviving Mercury Retrograde The Right Way Will Advance Your Life

About three times out of the year we hear the spiritual community go crazy about Mercury Retrograde. It’s even begun to infiltrate mainstream media. Most people don’t know what it is, or how effects them but the people that do know they need to be prepared. Then there are the few that know how to…
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How To Meditate Like A Monk In Today’s Age

I know what you’re expecting here but I’m going to warn you in advance, this article is not what you think. It’s not about sitting down in lotus position, with a cute ponytail, with incense burning, spa music in the background, hands in a mudra, and chanting “ooooooohhhhmmmm.” If I saw that I’d be like…
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This Retrograde Sucks But It Can Totally Be Good For You

I used to laugh at people who believed the a retrograde could have such a strong impact. I don’t hide the fact that I was ignorant, and probably still am in many ways. Our journey of spiritual growth is unique to each of us. It’s with that in mind that I share the following information…
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The Single Most Effective Practice To Get Into The Best Energetic State

Staying in the right energetic state ain’t easy. I get it. Sometimes the world decides to come crashing down around us. Sometimes the only things happening are the opposite of what we want. How the hell do you stay positive and aligned when you don’t see your desires manifesting? This was difficult for me to…
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How To Use Your Energy To Make More Money With Ease

That’s right, motherfucker. I’m gonna talk about how to use your energy to make more money with ease! There’s all these people talking about hard work to make your life more abundant. Work, or action, is essential, yes. But hard work? Nah, homie ain’t got time for that. Let’s talk about inspired work instead. Here’s what you…
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The Most Important Fact I learned During My Spiritual Growth

Let’s be real here. Spiritual growth is a life-long endeavor. You don’t have a choice about that because your life is like the blackbox to a plane. Everything is recorded and your Soul will benefit from all of it. The good, the bad, the ugly. So don’t stress about making your spiritual path a priority but…
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How to Emit Your own Frequency Like a Boss!

The world is energy, we’ve covered that. And while energy can affect you, emitting our own frequency will help you change the world around you instead of the other way around. If you don’t know how to emit your own frequency, here’s some tips! Meditate To Solidify Your Frequency Your frequency is emitted from within…
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