Building a Spiritual Based Business

Building a Spiritual Based Business

“You will become as great as your dominant aspiration….
If you cherish a vision, a lofty ideal in your heart, you will realize it.”

You feel you’ve been called to serve the world.
You’re ready to step into the light as an advocate of a more spiritual experience. You feel you have a gift, or experience, that should be shared to make this world a more spiritually attuned place… But our world isn’t free. And making a successful business using your skills takes experience. 

We have that experience. We are the proud owners of one of the Largest online Spiritual e-Commerce sites and have had tremendous success in our personal and business sites. We feel we are more than qualified to walk you through what worked for us and what didn’t, and to become your spiritual business mentors. 

In this bootcamp, not only will you get personal energy work and messages, you’ll get first hand knowledge of successful spiritual entrepreneurs that created businesses making the world a better place. We’re not a one trick pony. We make sure your needs are addressed from both the business and spiritual side.

From Branding Architecture to marketing how-to’s we cover the elements of creating a sustainable business practice that is built for growth and prosperity. This means we make sure you understand concepts such as intellectual property (if you write a book, for example), brand positioning, target market research, online tools, social media engagement, and much much more. And on the spiritual side, we make sure you get the energetic boosts, alignments, and atunements moving you forward aligned with your greatest good. Not only that, but we also connect you with spiritual insights that are specifically for you.

In this innovative program you’ll get to work with two pioneering coaches who have experience creating and running their own businesses, as well as helping others create their spirit-based income.

This course uses your personal growth as a launchpoint for your business growth. You’ll learn unique ways to energetically disconnect from your present situations while growing your income. We’ll assist you in feeling comfortable with opening and growing your spiritual business, and accepting the abundance that is trying to come to you. If you apply the lessons and messages in this bootcamp, your spiritual business will be based on a solid foundation spiritually, energetically, and financially!

And the best part? We do our best to work around your current schedule so creating this new business, or expanding your current one, never seems like extra work!

We help you flow into a better experience we know you’ll be proud of. We want to show you how to stop struggling and start living and thriving with your life purpose as your career. Whether you’re already employed in a spiritually based business and wish to expand and grow, or if you’re on the verge of starting a new business, this workshop and the personal messages you receive will help you with your intentions and success.

Starting your spiritual business is exciting and may trigger the ego’s worries, fears, and need for control. Our guidance will help you curtail this effect naturally. By practicing the material, and listening to your messages, you’ll find the fulfillment and true security with your new business.

Some of the Things We Will Cover

One of the first things we will do is meet your Spiritual Team, your “Spiritual Allies.”  This includes your Angels and Spirit Guides, your Galactic Team, Ascended Masters, and Soul Family. These beings are surrounding you waiting to help and guide you through this process.

You will have a good understanding of your soul type and how this impacts the blocks and obstacles you are encountering. Blocks can sabotage your efforts and keep your business from succeeding . We will help you identify the blocks and kick them in the astrals.


This is more than just colors and logo. Your brand is your statement, your declaration of the impact you will have on this world. At the same time, it must be attractive enough to bring your business a flow of attention.


There are many facets of alignment that are left out of most courses. The alignment we teach here encompasses the full spectrum so as to allow you to align yourself, and your business, with prosperity.


We connect you to all of the support available to you. We also teach you the easiest way to reach out for that support no matter where you may find yourself. Having access to this support is life-changing.


You want your business set up to flow. You want to create a process that is easy for you and your new client. Figuring out the right systems and processes will help you grow and expand your income.

How Does This Program Work?


Understanding the role of your spiritual allies and the energetic state you’re currently in is crucial. We address this immediately to make sure we know our starting point.


Energetic work begins to ramp up as we start to uncover the benefits you’ll provide to your clients. We also begin to cover the systems and flow of your business to make your life easier.


Now with an idea of how you’re growing and serving, we can channel our focus to creating your brand and positioning it for the highest form of attractiveness to your target market.


Here we clarify intention settings before entering the world of digital presence and marketing. We undergo ideation to ensure you’re using the best platform to reach your ideal customer.


After some reflection, we fine tune your process, brand, and marketing to make sure you can generate sales and continue to take aligned action towards your goals.


We revisit with your spiritual allies and using their feedback create adjustments to make sure you’re on the right path. If they encourage us to do extra work on your behalf, you will have our full support.

The Ultimate Add-On:
A Complete Website

We understand one of the biggest hurdles for the spiritually inclined is the resistance to engage in the creation of digital platforms. We must evolve with the technologies of our time in order to have the impact we seek. Therefore, we wanted to take this pain away and offer you the opportunity to create your digital presence. What does this mean?


We have teamed up with designers we trust, who’s work has been vetted, to make sure you get a site that resonates with you and your clients. Your website will be designed and built to your specifications.


We help you create social media accounts that will best reach and connect with your audience to make sure you know how to engage with potential clients.

Choose Your Plan

This is an investment in yourself, in your business, in your income and cashflow, and most importantly in all the people who will benefit from you embracing the light within you. When we’re called to do work such as this, many prosper.



  • Access to 2 Spiritual Teachers
  • 1 Year of Extended Support
  • Concept to Creation Full Website

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