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Your business can perform better today AND bring more joy into your life. What’s stopping you?

All entrepreneurs, business owners, and decision-makers have experienced the ups and downs business. Sometimes it’s caused by market shifts, other times by competitors, but most of the time it’s influenced by what’s done in-house. If we hired the wrong person, or took on too much at a time we can feel the stressful energy spread into all areas of our company. Having the right energy in your business and your business activities will make a massively impactful shift in your experience. Having your business energy alignment taken care for you will not only remove any energy that may be negatively impacting your, your employees, and your bottom line; it will also create a space for you to enjoy the process of being a business owner. As someone who helps fuel the economy you deserve to enjoy this experience to its fullest!


If you look at Tesla and Uber, they’ve changed the world as we know it. Electric Vehicles are no longer a fantasy concept, they are here. Having a chauffer on tap is literally possible thanks to Uber. And those companies have grown because they shifted the energy in the world. They emitted a positive energy through the service and products they provided and people who needed that boost immediately flocked to them. Of course there were solid business practices, effective marketing, sound accounting, etc. The business side of running a business is always present. But what these companies did with their service and product was see what the world needed and provided it – they literally injected positive energy into the world.


And you can see with different companies how negative energy can greatly impact them. It might be a person, a project, or residual effects of something in the past. Uber is still working to overcome the problems left to them from lower energy experiences. Facebook and Starbucks are facing similar problems. The energy they’re putting out into the world is not as positive as it once was and their marketshare and profits are reflecting that. It’s niave to say that humans, as energetic beings, don’t respond to the energy a company has. Especially with so many clear examples of that being the case.

Having experienced this myself, I understand how to make the right shifts quickly

My business has undergone the same issues. When I began, I came out firing. I was active in all areas and saw some good returns! But then there was a shift and my entreprenurial journey was tumultuous. I was clueless as to why because I was working with coaches, mentors, had the funding, and everything I did “should have” led to the results I was looking for.  Then I focused on doing energy work and everything began to shift. The results started coming easily. I started booking clients, I started getting speaking gigs, and it all flowed naturally! I still had to take action, it’s not like everything fell into my lap, but nothing was forced and the results came back! I began working with other entrepreneurs and business owners that were having similar struggles and saw their businesses shift as well. One client went from “I need more money” to “I need to figure out how to handle all this business” (this is paraphrased). An other business owner I work with finds clients everywhere she goes because of the energy she gives off now. The more talents I embraced as a Sage, the more powerful the shifts. 


I know how crazy that sounds but if Reese’s can convince people to have candy for breakfast I know you’ll see the clear benefits of working with a Sage.   

A Sage has the ability to help people experience a higher form of energy, more creativity, and more light in every facet of their lives. This includes your business. We shift people from confusion and struggle into clarity and flow so they can experience being a higher form of light. With the innate ability to tap into universal consciousness, and the flow of ideas, we use our celestial frequency to:

– Create Aligned Abundance
– Enhance Intuitive Understandings
– Generate Profitable Ideas and Workflows

Getting the energy aligned is crucial to creating and maintaining the right direction for your business. And using the skills of a Sage to create the clarity your business needs absolutely puts your business on the path you know it deserves to be on.


A few ways this benefits your business

If you’ve ever been swimming and got caught in a riptide, you know exactly how it feels to put in all your effort and feel like you’re going to end up drowning. That happened to me once, it was not a good time. When the energy in your busines is flowing the wrong way, you find yourself in a similar situation. You can huff and puff all you want but none of that action is going to get you the results you want. Having the right clarity and flow will make sure that your actions lead to getting you exactly what you want.


While there is no such thing as “bad” energy, you understand that there is energy that doesn’t vibe well with you! Getting rid of that energy is the first step to becoming aligned with your true vision.


You also want to make sure that the energy in and around your company is aligned with your ultimate vision. This includes making sure you’re infusing the right energy as you work.


A Sage carries a natural celestial frequency that can’t be duplicated. When a Sage infuses energy into your business you also get that celestial boost which is unmatched by anything else available. 


Clearing “bad” energy, infusing good energy, and getting these celestial boosts creates a dramatic synergistic impact that can last much longer than most people would expect leading you to enjoy your business experience like you never have before.

This is one of the things
we do best and I’m confident that these sessions are so powerful that if at the end of your session you aren’t 100% satisfied, you’ll get a 100% refund!

How to book one of these sessions

Business energy work is always done in-person. While a lot of the preparation is done beforehand, getting the practitioner to your main office is crucial to this energy clearing’s success. The price listed below is the basic service and focuses on helping small-businesses and entrepreneurs get this service without breaking their budget. Medium and Large sized businesses will incurr an added service charge based on the amount of energy work required. Purchasing the service below will allow you to schedule your consultation call so Ian can assess what your specific needs are to make sure you’re getting the most out of your alignment.



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