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We grew up in a world telling us that going to college and getting a job would lead to a good life. Somehow, despite doing everything we were told was right, career fulfillment and income are lower than we were promised! The problem is they gave you the wrong information. We can change that. Imagine what it would be like knowing that little extra you need to get you on the right path. Having a career that makes you excited to get up every morning, or the income that allows you to enjoy the best life has to offer. Using this intuitive insight session you will create the clarity you need to increase your income and fulfillment right away!

I’ve Been There Too

I know what it’s like to feel that disappointment and blame myself. I know what it’s like to feel burnout and frustration with something that seems like it should come naturally. It wasn’t until I was gifted the opportunity for direct guidance that I realized that struggle and discomfort wasn’t necessary.

Getting This Clarity Was Life-Changing

That’s why I love doing these sessions for people. Our careers, businesses, finances; we can never move forward if they’re not where we need them to be. Without having clarity and control in that area, we can’t experience the freedom our soul desires. Whether that’s traveling to amazing places, enjoying the best music festivals, or spending time with the right people in a unique way, we can have it all when we have this clarity.

It’s done more than just change my life

After helping some of my clients go from homeless to penthouse living, and in massive debt to successfully self-employed, I realized there are more people who could benefit from these services. It wasn’t until I stepped into my spiritual role as a Sage that I was able to unlock the skills needed to help people reach their goals so quickly. Reaching that stage in my life took me years but me being at that stage will help you reach your goals in a much faster and more convenient fashion.


 A Sage has the ability to help people experience a higher form of energy, more creativity, and more light in every facet of their lives. We shift people from confusion and struggle into clarity and flow so they can experience being a higher form of light. With the innate ability to tap into universal consciousness, and the flow of ideas, we use our celestial frequency to: 

– Create Aligned Abundance
– Enhance Intuitive Understandings
– And Reveal, Connect, And Transcend Spiritual Destinies 

Even thought I speak on behalf of other Sage’s, I’ve yet to meet one. I just know the skillset bestowed upon us. Our skillset includes delivering information with wit and wisdom, which you’ll surely enjoy during our conversation!

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take my word for it …

Ian is an amazing coach and person. He has a way of helping you see the big picture and turn things into a more positive mindset all around. As a multiple business owner, I have learned so much from him, and I look forward to expanding my businesses even more with his amazing advice.

Lori, California

My reading was spot on! I had been thinking of a career change and my reading helped me clarify my direction. Paths continually change, sometimes you just need a little help clearing the way.

Jane, USA

Just some of the awesome ways this benefits you

Everyone’s experience is unique but some common experiences include:


While we all have to deal with some uncertainty in life, we still deserve clarity in the right area. Sometimes that means getting information we already had but chose to ignore. Othertimes it means having an epiphany, a lightbulb moment that changes the course of our lives forever.


When your unique messages are delivered to you, something within you is awoken. This spark of inner light powers your connection to the best part of yoruself and allows you to see and think on a new level. It fosters  increased creativity helping you get to where you want to be.


When you have the clarity you need and the creativity driving you, you begin to take inspired action. This insired action leads to results you may have never imagined possible. When you begin to experience these type of magical results, your daily level of fulfillment gets a massive boost and you can enjoy life like you never have before.


All of the results that come from this clarity can lead to improved cashflow. Living broke is no fun. So this information is meant to help you increase your cashflow and raise not only your standard of living, but also your expectations. As those grow and you continue seeing results, you have more opportunities for more income.

I’m confident that these sessions are so powerful that if at the end of your session you aren’t 100% satisfied, you’ll get a 100% refund!

The Answers You Need Are Just A Few Clicks Away

Getting your questions about your career, business, or finances answered will be a huge relief. Knowing about how best to go about becoming successful in our modern world goes a long way. Being able to discern between the right decisions and opportunities while enjoying your experience is worth it. And you deserve to know you’re on the path to create the right lifestyle for yourself. If you don’t make the right changes today, you’ll keep dealing with the headaches that come with uncertainty, not feeling fulfilled in your industry, and dealing with living paycheck to paycheck. If that’s the life you want, by all means, enjoy it. But if you want the be on the right path to experience the most fulfiling career, then book a session with Ian today.

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if you have quick questions then the Quick Session is perfect for you. If you’re the type of person that like more detail, choose the full session and we can go much more in depth! Once you purchase the length you like best you’ll get an email with a link showing you the available time slots for your session. All you have to do is select the time that works best for you and Ian will make sure you get reminder texts so we don’t miss the call. You’ll also get extra info in that email so you can feel even more confident that you chose the right person to work with. Join me in a session by purchasing your preferred option now.

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