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“I’ve come to know Ian very well over the past two years, and his passion and dedication to helping others transform into their true potential is something that is incredibly rare. If you are looking for someone to help you on your path towards becoming the person you are meant to be mentally, spiritually and financially, Ian Sneed gets my vote every day of the week.” -Shawn, Maine

Treat yourself to the VIP Experience

There’s times in our life where we wish we knew who we could turn to for the help and answers to make massive shifts in our life. I’ve been there. I’ve been down and struggled through the worst of situations. I grew up fighting for survival, and did the same with my business when I started. I had no idea what I needed or where to get it. I finally found the answers within myself. As I struggled to fight for what felt like scraps but kept imagining these castles in the sky I knew something was wrong. Life was not meant to be this difficult. So began my journey of personal development and my path to becoming a modern Sage. As I tuned in, I realized we all have the answers within us. It’s not just me, it’s you too. Imagine living life being able to tune into the right answers that lead you to the best experiences in life. You’d find yourself enjoying every day to its fullest, living with complete joy and fulfillment, surrounded by loved ones, laughter, and abundance. When you work with Ian Sneed, you get the resources and experience needed to unleash all that greatness from within.


You need to know that you can do everything you’d be doing with Ian on your own. You can spend years learning how to work with energy, how to open yourself up to good energy and protect yourself from lower vibrational experiences, how to shift your mindsets, hear and see Angels and Guides, effectively use the law of attraction, remove fears, eliminate worries, erase anxiety, efficiently ground yourself, connect to divine energy, clear your living and work spaces of energy that doesn’t serve you, connect to your Higher-Self, keep your ego under control, enhance your intuition, and live joyfully. You can. I know because I’ve been on this journey for over a decade and I know there is still much more to learn.


And while you are your best teacher, and can learn all of that on your own. You can also choose to let me guide you so that instead of learning theory and figuring out how to apply it, you can just apply concepts immediately and begin experiencing the results that come from the growth that follows. I enjoy cars, but I’m not a mechanic for a reason. I can learn to fix a good amount on my own. I had to in the past when I couldn’t afford the help. But now that I can afford a mechanic, I don’t spend my time doing things unless they set my soul on fire. Not everyone is meant to be a Sage, and even I want a break from it sometimes. This life path takes massive dedication and maintenance. If what you desire is the positive benefits, make your process easier and get the full VIP experience working with Ian. 


A Sage has the ability to help people experience a higher form of energy, more creativity, and more light in every facet of their lives. We shift people from confusion and struggle into clarity and flow so they can experience being a higher form of light. With the innate ability to tap into universal consciousness, and the flow of ideas, we use our celestial frequency to:

– Create Aligned Abundance
– Enhance Intuitive Understandings
– And Reveal, Connect, And Transcend Spiritual Destinies

Even thought I speak on behalf of other Sage’s, I’ve yet to meet one. I just know the skillset bestowed upon us. Our skillset includes delivering information with wit and wisdom, which you’ll surely enjoy during our conversation!

Private Coaching

The Secret of Success

Working with Ian gets you the benefits and features of all his personal services. This includes Intuitive Insight Sessions, Personal Energy Alignment, Law of Attraction guidance, plus so much more. You’ll receive custom affirmation development and script work (something he only does for his VIP clients), and most importantly – you’ll have an immediate accountability partner.


With services like script work, you’ll get individualized prayers, affirmations, and exercises meant to take you to another level by raising your vibration fast.


From energy clearing, adjustments, and alignments – you’ll get energy work done to help you eleviate stress, anxiety, worry, or anything else that’s impacting you.


Ian connects to universal consciousness to deliver the most powerful information relevant to the work being done. This connectivity can be used to impact all facets of your life.


Ian has expanded his skillset to include being able to see and hear Angels and Guides. If they have a message for you he immediately channels it so you can apply that information right away.

Choose your path

There are many ways to work with Ian directly but only two of them involved direct lessons and coaching. Whether you’ll looking to start with basics and form a strong foundation, or you’re ready to get deep, intensive, and focused life-changing work, here are the options to help you achieve the level of growth you seek.



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  • Work W/ Ian Directly
  • Completely Private Sessions
  • Focused Energy Work
  • 24/7 Direct Access (Within Reason)

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