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The single most important thing you can do to feel better and align yourself with the best in life!

I’m sure you’ve walked into a party or music festival and felt the great vibes in the air. Those vibes are being emitted from the energy of the collective people who have good intentions: to have fun! And you can feel the effect of that energy for days or weeks after the festival. But how often do you feel those same vibes throughout your daily life? You know there is energy present being emitted in some way. How is that energy affecting you? Some people haven’t realized how crucial it is to cleanse themselves of the bad vibes they may have unintentionally picked up throughout the day. Think about it. If you avoid being with people with bad vibes, don’t you want to make sure you’ve cleared yourself of the ones that might have found their way to you? Just like washing your hair, energy clearings are a practice we should be comfortable doing regularly! Having your personal energy alignment done not only cleanses you of unwanted external energy, it also aligns the energy you’re emitting with a better experience so you can enjoy life to the fullest!


In college I was a starting rugby player, founding father of a fraternity, radio show host on the college radio station, president of an other club, a member of a year-long leadership course, the interfraternity council president, and I was double majoring in two completely different fields! I was recruited for a job in another state when I graduated and I felt like I was rockin’ it. But between when I was recruited for a job and when I moved back to California, something happened I couldn’t explain.


I went from getting massive opportunities and flowing through life with ease to struggling for no good reason. I knew struggle, I grew up with it, but this was different. It was as if the world was conspiring against me. Everything I did failed, or I’d start seeing progress and it’d get taken away from me. I struggled and fought for years. No matter what I did I couldn’t get back into that flow I used to have. A few years later I found someone who removed some energy that had attached to me. I didn’t know it was there because I didn’t know that was even a thing! But just after that my life started to change. I saw myself manifesting opportunities again. I watched bad relationships disappear and great ones come out of nowhere. It was like a light had been turned on in my life again.

This energy wasn’t anything special either…

After seeing such a dramatic change, I looked for an explanation. I wanted to know how this energy attached to me. Turns out, the energy was unintentionally emitted by someone onto a set of keys that I used. It was a set of keys for one of the shared company vehicles. From that day forward this energy had been wrecking havoc on my life and I didn’t even know it existed. It wasn’t malicious. It just had a very low vibration and it attracted similar energy everywhere it went. This is one of the experiences that led to my desire for an enhanced spiritual experience. I knew if this was something that could have such a dramatic effect on a person, I needed to know how to fix it. I was already in the coaching industry so I just saw it as a tool to help people. Little did I know I was already walking the path to unlock my latent abilities as a Sage.


A Sage has the ability to help people experience a higher form of energy, more creativity, and more light in every facet of their lives. We shift people from confusion and struggle into clarity and flow so they can experience being a higher form of light. With the innate ability to tap into universal consciousness, and the flow of ideas, we use our celestial frequency to:

– Create Aligned Abundance
– Enhance Intuitive Understandings
– And Reveal, Connect, And Transcend Spiritual Destinies

Even though I speak on behalf of other Sages, I’ve yet to meet one. I just know the skillset bestowed upon us. Our skillset includes delivering information with wit and wisdom, which you’ll surely enjoy during our conversation!


Just some of the awesome ways this benefits you

The impact of these clearings cannot be understated. It’s something most people can learn to do for themselves but there are times where the urgency and skillset needed make it necessary for an advanced energy practitioner to get involved. If you haven’t had energy work done on you in a while, you can try doing simple work like lighting Palo Santo, or you can have an expert do the work on your behalf so all you need to do is maintain good vibes.


You might find that actions you’re taking seem to be hitting more obstacles than normal. Or that you’re experiencing more anxiety over simple tasks. You could be in need of a clearing. This can be done remotely or in person and many people feel the changes immediately


Adjusting your energy is usually a daily practice but you can get a great boost during one of these sessions. When you take off the extra weight of attached energy you can feel your personal energy expand. Continuing to find your frequency is your job, but getting to this stage quickly can transform your life.


If you’ve ever walked into a party and felt the tension, or good vibes, you know that any space can hold energy. The energy in your home may be more subtle but it is important for you to maintain high energy there. Especially considering you’re most vulnerable to energy when you’re sleeping, you want to make sure your space is clear. Doing these clearings creates a peaceful home and it’s something you can also learn to do for yourself. I can clear the space of a home, help create a grid, and teach you to cleanse your space all in one session.


Sometimes you want to attract good energy as part of your energy adjustment. Maybe you’re trying to buy a new car, home, or find the right place to live. You may be starting a side hustle or already run your own business. Having these clearings and adjustments done regularly is powerful. Many times people don’t wish success upon you and are unknowingly sending you bad vibes. Clearing those out will help you stay in a space for success and manifestation. Remove unwanted energy and bring in positive vibes to help you on your way.

I’m confident that these sessions are so powerful that if at the end of your session you aren’t 100% satisfied, you’ll get a 100% refund!

So what are the options?

Most energy work can be done remotely so that is what we encourage. Some people want the extra personal touch as they adjust themselves and their personal space. If this requires travel then a seperate invoice may be sent depending on the distance and cost of travel. And finally, if you want to serve your business with this type of energy work we can provide that service as well.

Remote Personal Session

Not all energy work needs to be done in person. Sometimes a short call is enough to recognize a small amount of energy work is all you need. Book one of those calls here to see if this is the option that will serve you best.


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In-Person Session

Whether you want your personal energy cleansed, or your home, having in-person work takes much more commitment from the person conducting the clearing. Book a call here to see if this is your best option.


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Personal & Home

Business energy work is always done in-person. While a lot of the preparation is done beforehand, getting the practitioner to your main office is crucial to this energy clearing’s success. Book an info call here.


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Business Session

Business energy work is always done in-person. While a lot of the preparation is done beforehand, getting the practitioner to your main office is crucial to this energy clearing’s success. Book an info call here.


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