Ian’s Story

Ian grew up to a broken home, found solace and safety with his gang-banger friends and made some stupid decisions. Fortunately, he wasn’t so far gone that there was no turning back. Yeah, he’s dodged a few bullets, and people have tried to run him over with their car but, it’s worst than it sounds – he swears.

One day he saw something go down that woke him up to the bad decisions he was making and decided to get out while he still could. That got him playing sports and into college. This is where his personal growth began to skyrocket.

After graduating and consulting for a non-profit for a year, he began his own coaching business helping people improve their lives through one-on-one coaching. That was half a decade ago and today he’s working on helping more people at a larger scale.


Ian’s driving question is simple: Are you filling roles in life, or are you fulfilling your dreams for life?

Life isn’t about discovering who you are. It’s about remembering who you’ve always been.

Ian helps people eliminate the influence of fear, removes anxiety, helps you learn to control stress, enjoy life, experience abundance, and live naturally.

As a Sage, Ian taps into the flow of ideas, accesses universal consciousness, and uses his innate celestial frequency to stay tuned in and share life-changing content. If you’re ready for that, that is.

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Southern California, USA