Intuitive Insight Sessions

Intuitive Insight Sessions

Get the 
answers you seek without the fluff

I know there’s times where we seek answers and feel we have nowhere left to turn. This leads us to turning to pychics and tarot cards but finding the right person may be difficult. But fortunately, you’ve arrived among one of the most connected beings available. Get the answers and guidance you seek with a Modern Sage who connects with Higher Dimensional Beings to deliver original messages meant specifically for you. There are few people who can provide this level of service and insight to you that way a Sage can. 

What’s a Modern Sage?

A Sage is a person who’s 
Soul has one purpose:  to serve humanity by sharing universal truths and spiritual information

Sage’s have the ability to connect to universal consciousness which means the information you’re getting isn’t just some crazy thought coming into their head. What you’re getting is information being delivered to you from a higher perspective. From a space that doesn’t live in time the way we do; that can see how your current situation is both the result and pre-cursor for everything to come. The information can help move your life in the best direction by giving you needed insights empowering your soul and unleashing it’s greatness into the world. Working with a Sage allows you to experience being a higher form of light in every facet of your life!

Answers to any area you most need

While being able to tell the future would be awesome, that’s not possible and anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to take your money. The answers you’ll be getting are relevant for where you are today. They can guide you with insight according to where your life is currently headed but know that your free will has the influence to change the results of your readings. Yes, that means things can be better, but it also means that you can make a situation worse by not following through with the correct action. This is why these sessions can be so powerful! The can help you feel confident and assured that you’re headed in the best possible direction.

Career / Business / Finances

Many people are having a tough time with their finances. They want to be paid what their worth, find a career that feels like a passion, earn respect from a boss who thinks they’re entitled. We understand. Getting the right answers in this area can give you the greatest sense of relief as you move forward in life with more clarity and certainty.



While having a fulfilling career can lead to more fulfillment and joy, life is still much better when you’re sharing your experiences with the right people. Whether you’re trying to find a partner who honors your ambition, or working on building healthier relationships with family and friends, these insights are crucial to maintaining good vibes.


Life Path And Purpose

As you expand and grow spiritually you’ll begin wondering whether your life path and purpose are aligned. Understanding the difference between the two, and how your spiritual growth plays the biggest role in your life, will help you have the most uplifting experience no matter where you may find yourself on your journey. 


So how does this help you?!

These sessions are for one purpose: to help you create clarity about your life! It’s so hard to go through life if we don’t have clarity and it’s so much harder to enjoy every moment of your life if you can’t see the bigger picture. I’m not going to fake fortune-telling. I’m going to deliver the message being sent to YOU.


While we all have to deal with some uncertainty in life, we still deserve clarity in the right area. Sometimes that means getting information we already had but chose to ignore. Othertimes it means having an epiphany, a lightbulb moment that changes the course of our lives forever.


When your unique messages are delivered to you, something within you is awoken. This spark of inner light powers your connection to the best part of yourself and allows you to see and think on a new level. It fosters increased creativity helping you get to where you want to be.


When you have the clarity you need and the creativity driving you, you begin to take inspired action. This insired action leads to results you may have never imagined possible. When you begin to experience these type of magical results, your daily level of fulfillment gets a massive boost and you can enjoy life like you never have before.


All of the results that come from this clarity can lead to improved cashflow. Living broke is no fun. So this information is meant to help align you with abundance so you can enjoy life to its fullest. All of this empowers you to transcend your spiritual destinies in such a way that what other people perceive as magical is just a regular occurance in your life.


Don’t take our word for it

Wow! Yes, you are on point… [that] is a perfect description at this point. Thank you, you’ve given me much to think about

Jane, USA

Some information omitted for anonymity – as requested by client

Personally and professionally at the top of the list. A leader in the community online dedicated to provide for or serve others positively first because it’s the right thing to do and worry about everything else second. Much admiration and thanks for you Ian.

Cameron, Oklahoma

First time we met was online and I thought, “this guy is intuitive” then I met him in person and learned he is so much more than just that. A truly kind soul with the wisdom of many moons. If you need to set intentions in life, Ian Sneed is your guy!

December, Colorado

I’m confident that these sessions are so powerful that if at the end of your session you aren’t 100% satisfied, you’ll get a 100% refund!

Take off your blindfold

Release the worry, fear, and anxiety connected with uncertainty. Get the answers you need right away.

Getting your questions answered with this level of wisdom will be a huge relief. Knowing about the best decisions to make in our modern world goes a long way. Being able to discern between traps disguided as opportunities and what serves your best interest is worth it. You deserve to know you’re on the path that leads to your best life. If you don’t make the right changes today, you’ll keep dealing with the headaches that come with feeling like you’re being left behind in the game of life, like the decisions you’re making never lead you down the right path, like the success you seek is too far away. If that’s the life you want, by all means, do your best to enjoy it. But if you want the be on the right path to experience the best life has to offer, then book a session with Ian today.

Choose your session

If you want to book a session now but are not clear in what area you’d most like clarity, you can book that session and we can figure out your direction together or have a general session to help you gain more clarity overall.

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