Life Path and Purpose Intuitive Insight Sessions

Create immediate clarity for your life path and purpose the easy way!

Few of us are able to recognize that what we do for a living is not our purpose in life. Imagine how many career changes the average person goes through. Does that mean they haven’t been living their purpose that entire time? Not at all! We all have a purpose that may be aligned with our careers, but we may also have other purposes along our path in this lifetime. Experiencing the greatest joy and fulfillment comes from achieving their purposes. Put yourself on track to living in complete joy and fulfillment by living on purpose with one of these sessions!


i’ve been blessed to have gone to college and been recruited right out of it. I’ve been paid to travel the country and help people along the way. Everything seemed as though this was how life was supposed to be. I followed the advice of elders and yet, despite having a great job that I enjoyed, I didn’t feel that fulfillment. I felt like something in life was missing but I couldn’t put my finger on it. And worse off, I had no one to turn to! No one that understood what I was trying to express because on the outside it all looked the way it was “supposed to.”


I ended up forging my own path. This is not what everyone is meant to do but it does resonate with me. It took trial and error because I had no guidance. Then, after starting my coaching business, things started falling into place. Finally, with the support of Angels, Guides, and an Oracle, I unlocked the skills within me. I embraced this new life as a Sage and realized that I wasn’t the only person asking these same questions. People like you are asking them too.

Sage advice like never before

While I had to stumble and fall for years before I found the right connections, you’ve landed here. As a Modern Sage I won’t fill you with fluffy nonsense. My entire purpose is to help you find yours. I tap in, and hone specific messages, to help you unlock information that’s already within you. It’s just waiting for you to decide that the time of struggling and feeling empty has come to an end. Make the decision to ask the questions you need to put you on the right path, your life path, fulfilling and creating your purpose as you go. This session is one-of-a-kind and I only know of two other people who can deliver this information like I do. 


A Sage has the ability to help people experience a higher form of energy, more creativity, and more light in every facet of their lives. We shift people from confusion and struggle into clarity and flow so they can experience being a higher form of light. With the innate ability to tap into universal consciousness, and the flow of ideas, we use our celestial frequency to:

– Create Aligned Abundance
– Enhance Intuitive Understandings
– And Reveal, Connect, And Transcend Spiritual Destinies

Even thought I speak on behalf of other Sage’s, I’ve yet to meet one. I just know the skillset bestowed upon us. Our skillset includes delivering information with wit and wisdom, which you’ll surely enjoy during our conversation!


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

First time we met was online and I thought, “this guy is intuitive” then I met him in person and learned he is so much more than just that. A truly kind soul with the wisdom of many moons. If you need to set intentions in life, Ian Sneed is your guy!

December, Colorado

STRONGLY recommend getting Ian Sneed in your corner.
He is the real deal, a winner, hilarious, and has a great heart.
Thank you for all that you do Ian, you da real MVP!!!

Frank, Texas

A few things we’re great at

Investing in this insight session is like nothing before. Every person deserves to experience this session because it’s masterful execution allows you to reveal, connect, and transcend your spiritual destinies. There’s more to this life that having a job, getting paid, and spending money. Our life path, our purpose, can be experienced without the struggles of human existence as we know it.


Revealing your spiritual destinies does not come easy. This is not listing the contents of your soul contract. This is tapping into who you are today, where you’ve come from, and shifting the misaligned parts within you so that you can recognize what’s already within you.


Establishing moments of revelation lead to intense connections. Sometimes, this can be uncomfortable because you’re releasing energies from within. As you learn to let these energies flow you’ll enjoy connecting with the parts of you that guide you to experiencing your path as it should be.


Your life isn’t mean to be carried out like a soldier does their orders. You have the gift of free will. And when you exercise that free will with these new energies and the right guidance you can easily and quickly transcend what you may have originally planned on experiencing in this life. 


As you grow you will experience a greater range of emotions and transcending your spiritual destiny will invoke greater amounts of joy in your life. Your life path will not only be carried out, but you will begin to forge a direction that best serves the things you love about your life.

I’m confident that these sessions are so powerful that if at the end of your session you aren’t 100% satisfied, you’ll get a 100% refund!

The Answers You Need Are Just A Few Clicks Away

Getting your questions answered with this level of wisdom will be a huge relief. Knowing about the best decisions to make in our modern world goes a long way. Being able to discern between traps disguided as opportunities and what serves your best interest is worth it. You deserve to know you’re on the path that leads to your best life. If you don’t make the right changes today, you’ll keep dealing with the emptiness that comes with feeling like you’re missing something in life, like the decisions you’re making never lead you down the right path, like the excitement you seek is too far away. If that’s the life you want, by all means, do your best to enjoy it. But if you want the be on the right path to experience the best life has to offer, then book a session with Ian today.

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