Intuitive Insight – General Full Session

Intuitive Insight – General Full Session


This awesome-ass product is here to help your life become more badass by giving you the clarity in whatever area you need. Please see the full description for Frequently Asked Questions.



What is the difference between an Intuitive Insight Session and a Psychic Reading?

For someone who doesn’t live in this world of spiritual development and growth, the sessions may appear exactly the same. In truth, they can be very different. Some psychics learn the meaning of a deck of cards and then use those meanings to make assumptions about you. Others use their intuition to deliver more specific messages. Based on your previous experiences, these sessions could seem very similar. I may use a deck of cards, or a pendulum, when answering your questions. I only use these as tools to clarify the messages I’m receiving. While I can clearly hear Angles and Guides, it’s like tuning into a radio station. Sometimes you hear static and you have to adjust the antenna. I use these tools as my personal antenna.

How accurate are the sessions?

This depends on the type of energy you bring to the session. If you’re doubtful then any information you share will skew the reading. That has nothing to do with the message being delivered but everything to do with the manner in which you receive it. If instead you come in and ask your Angels and Guides to help you to the best of their abilities and have full faith in them, then the session can be extremely accurate. I’m not fortune telling when I do these readings. I’m delivering information that your team of higher-dimensional support thinks would serve your greatest and highest good. That means you may ask me a question and I give you information that you don’t understand until some future date.

Can the results of the reading change?

Absolutely. You have free will. If you don’t like what you hear, change it. At the same time, just because I say something good is going to happen doesn’t mean you can sit there and expect it to be delivered to you without taking action. The reading is based on your experience as it currently stands and if it continues in the same manner. If you want to make changes, that is your divine right.

What can you tell me during an Intuitive Insight Session?

I can tell you anything your Angels and Guides want you to know. It’s a crappy answer to a fair question, I know, but each reading is so specific to the person that I won’t know until we’re talking.

Why can’t I ask about other people?

Given that we have free will, we also have privacy. Our Angels and Guides respect our privacy as they do that of others. They won’t share information about other people because it would be a violation of that person’s privacy and free will. Also, free will is malleable so what may be true in one instance may not be true in another. Because of this, it’s difficult to give a definite answer.

How do I know these sessions are good and not evil?

I mean, how do you know Blue isn’t red? I’ve been working with higher-dimensional beings many years and have seen the positive effects that result from it. I also do very well in protecting myself from lower vibrational experiences and beings. This is paramount to my well-being and as a benefit, you can trust your session will be delivered to serve your greatest and highest GOOD.

Is there another way to pay for the session?

If you’re seeking these services but have financial troubles there are options available to you. Email me and I can point you in the right direction or work something out with you.

What’s the difference between the quick session and the full session?

The quick session lasts up to 15 minutes while the full session lasts up to 45 minutes. The length will depend on your questions and what your Angels and Guides feel you should know.

How does the session work/What’s the process?

The process on your end is: you purchase the session by selecting “buy now” or adding it to the cart to check out. If you subscribe to our newsletter as you check out you’ll receive a confirmation email for that (please make sure to check it otherwise you haven’t really subscribed and won’t get any of our communication). Once the checkout process is complete, you will receive an email with a link that lets you schedule your session with Ian. Once you’ve scheduled that session, you’ll receive a confirmation and then get reminders the day before and the day of your session.

On my end: The day of your session, I’ll connect to your Angels and Guides as we chat. Then it’s actually kind of out of my hands. If I need to clarify what I’m hearing then I’ll pull a card or use the pendulum but otherwise I just translate what I hear as you ask your questions. Near the 45 minute mark I’ll either ask if you have any final question or tell you “the final message for you today is…” and then we’ll wrap up the call. It’s a really awesome experience and I’m really excited for you to experience it!

Note: Life Path and Purpose questions will not be answered during these sessions unless you upgrade and pay the full amount of a Life Path and Purpose session. Please respect our policies. We are more than happy to provide refunds for people who try take advantage of us.


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