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We understand the difficulties you face in today’s world. Everyone blames the younger generations and insults them because of things these generations had no control over. You’re getting paid less money while the cost of living increases. You’re getting less respect even though you’re more educated going into the working world than any generation before you. You’re seeing a world destroyed through hate despite feeling more love for our planet and the people on it than ever before. And there is no one out there giving you an answer as to what you can do to change the world to be a better place. I belive it starts with you. If you can make your spiritual growth your highest priority, you can more easily impact the world at large. The Academy focuses on setting your soul free so that you can impact the world with your full potential realized.


Enjoy the best content being taught about spirituality, today!

The Academy is not church. It’s a learning platform. While church services inspire and help shift your energetic state (a very positive impact) they do not always teach. Ian’s goal with the Academy is to teach content that you can apply in your daily life to create massive, impactful, and positive change for you, your loved ones, and if you’re bold enough – the world.

This is one of the things we do best

Ian is first and foremost, a teacher. But he’s not the type of teacher you’d fall asleep to in class (like he often did during his high school years). Ian delivers impactful content with wit and wisdom so that you can sit back and enjoy the learning process. You won’t even recognize how well the content is staying with you because of how natural it feels to listen to Ian teach the subjets he’s passionate about.

A learning experience like no other

Ian’s teaching style blends his college degrees in Sport Psychology and Interpersonal Communication to deliver his content in an easily digestable format. Not only that, he infuses his sessions with energy and coding that dives deep into your subconscious to unlock truths within you that only need to be uncovered! No one else does this like Ian.


As humans, we learn best during conversations, with stories, and through song. While Ian won’t force you to suffer through his singing, his deliery feels very conversational and his story-telling will connect you to the message that best serves you.


Ian knows he’s not the end all be all. There are other experts in the world that know elements he does not. Instead of convincing you he knows everything, he’d rather bring in the experts that actually do. So not only do you get Ian’s amazing lessons, you also get access to surprise guest lectures!


This is tricky work and Ian is proud to have mastered it. Infusing the energy that unlocks the part of you that resonates with the message you receive is a unique trait that few people truly master. Even with his guest lectureers, Ian infuses the broadcasts with his celestial frequency to make sure the right parts of your spirit are unlocked.

A few things we’re great at

People often wonder what subjects are covered in the Academy. Anything and everything that will unlock the best you have to give. This world needs us all to be our best, most inspired, high-vibe selves. These weekly sessions are focused on allowing you to be exactly that. Sometimes that means you’ll learn how to apply universal laws in your life. Other times, you’ll understand the role of your inner-child, ego, or higher-self. Maybe you’ll learn to handle energy in a new way so you can begin to thrive.


Everyone knows the Law of Attraction, but there are so many more universal laws that work for you that limiting yourself to just one law (even though it is a powerful law) makes no sense. Expanding this knowledge and applying it creates dramatic leaps in your experience.


This process does not occur overnight. Often, people can spend a lifetime trying to figure out how to “connect” to their higher-self. You’re already connected! You just need to integrate more of that energy and wisdom into your life. Trying to figure out how to do this alone is difficult. We’ll help make it easy!


Obviously the Law of Attraction is a buzz word. But being able to use it effectively to manifest your desires is Deliberate creation. Knowing how to deliberately create puts you in the driver seat of your life in a way you’ve probably never experienced before. It’s empowering. It’s exciting. It’s fun. It’s playful. It’s awesome af.


We know energy exists, i.e. – electricity. But often our human mind restricts what it believes to its five senses even though we know that our senses are limited to a small percentage of what this universe has to offer. We can expand the amount of energy we perceive and experience with the right training.

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