The Awakened Soul

Awakening Your Soul to Spread Magic Into Every Facet of Your Life

We can see plenty of people who are trying to take advantage of those who want to expand their consciousness and grow spiritually. There are many spiriutal “teachers” who regurgitate whatever they think will get them the most clients. Spirituality is quickly becoming a market instead of a way of life. The problem with that is your life becomes more difficult finding genuine knowledge for your own growth. Awakening your soul is not a fast process. It has its ups and downs. It can be difficult, and trying. You do not want to work with someone unless they’ve walked the path before you. From daily practices like meditation, to energy work, releasing ego’s control, and enhancing your intuition, you need someone who’s knowledge comes from practice. This course is set to give you the most solid foundation in starting the process to awaken your soul so that one day you won’t need to search “out there” for spiritual truths.

Making Spiritual Growth Our Highest Priority Helps The Rest Of Life Expand Magically

Ian has the natural ability to see people’s souls from the moment he meets them. He understands he’s engaging with the human part of you but the entire time he’s admiring the divine being you are and his greatest passion is to bring out more of that diving being. In doing so, Ian knows he can help improve the quality of your life, and the lives of everyone who interacts with you because of it.

Ian approaches this subject with three main focuses

Removing the influence of your ego allows space for your Higher-Self to work with you. Learning how to allow that interaction is a process unto itself. And enhancing your intuition and understanding of your intuition allows for more flow during your experience. 


Your intuition is always on and working. Understanding the manners in which your intuition works helps you use that information quickly and easily. Imagine always knowing the right course of action, who to trust, or who to avoid. Intuition is a beautiful gift.


Allowing more of your Higher-Self is not replacing who you are with someone else. It’s allowing more of the best parts of you to show their face. You’ll be able to see and, most importantly, feel the world from a higher perspective that comes from light.


Self-sabatoge is no joke and while the Ego may keep you safe during dangerous situations, it happens to sabotage in others. It’s software that hasn’t been updated for modern times and while it serves a purpose, it should be relieved of the control it once had in your life because it no longer serves you.

Awakening your soul can lead to a massively different experience in life. 

You can begin to enjoy the best life has to offer by approaching life the best way available


Not only will you begin to understand the emotions you’re feeling, you’ll also be able to use the blessing of the full spectrum of emotions to improve your life experience.


Ego fills us with fear but Spirit fills us with faith. As you integrate more of your Higher-Self, you remove fear and doubt while increasing faith and confidence in your life.


When life begins to flow for you, instead of against you, it becomes more fun. Better people, better experiences, and better memories begin to happen naturally.


Your Higher-Self is not fooled by the illusions of physical reality. This makes it easier for you to connect to the right people in your life while allowing the wrong people to drift away.

The Experience About to Unfold For Your

Part of your upcoming experience

It helps to know how the program unlocks the parts within you waiting to bless the world. This is the format we feel will help you best:


Every week you’ll get a new video that covers the next most important subject. While you’ll start with an introduction video that’s light-hearted, the weekly videos will help expand your soul’s abilitiy to expand into your consciousness.


You’ll get to experience distance energy work and clearing at strategic points during the program. Some of these are in the form of guided videos so you can learn to do energy work for yourself. Others will be energy work dont for you by Ian.


Throughout the course you’ll be given activities and challenges to create the most amount of growth possible. Some of these will be individual activities, others will involve discussion or activities with other members of the program.


Other than the activities above, you’ll have full access to the group of awakening souls taking this journey with you. You can only gain access if you too are a participant and the engagement you get from a group of people with higher vibes is massively impactful on your growth.

Choosing This Growth Will Help Others Grow

When you decide to live emitting more light, you illuminate the way for others as well. In doing so, you become the catalyst for positive changes to occur in your community. This growth expands exponentially throughout the world.

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